Williamsport, MD Jan 18th Results


5 bux entry actually, so it was $168.

Props to all the playas yet again.


cha cha


It was $5 a game and I took a little bit from each tourney to help pay for sodas. It was either that or charge per can. 14 cases + my entire frigerator AND my wifes entire 30 bottles of water wiped out. That’s over 230 beverages consumed. Five 50 gallon trash bags full.


Hey Isaac, why dontcha use this for your av?


A few more things…

I want to thank Greg, Cha Cha, Kenji, Drew, Mike, Khang, and the rest of the people that helped me with the brackets. I really appreciate it and couldn’t have done it without you guys. I spent most of the time running around cleaning up and giving directions to the bathroom and answering questions. I didn’t really have time to really focus on playing or watching many matches. I wish I could have seen more.

I also want to thank Pete for watching my place when my wife ran out for pizza. Thanks again man.

Thanks to everyone who spent time with my wife and thanked her for everything. That means alot to me and to her as well.

Thanks again to Neil/Melanie/Ben for helping with sodas, etc. You guys are the coolest ever!

I want to apologize to anyone that I didnt get to spend time with and talk to. I usually try to talk with everyone at one point or another but everything for me was just too hectic. I was so stressed out! and damn it was hot as fuck. My ceiling pipes were sweating and everything. Damn. Whenever I did get a break from something, I had to sit down because I had a huge headache. I’m sure most of you guys know what I mean.

Oh…and I want to thank all the assholes who contributed to marking up my hallway walls to hell and back. I know it was probably an accident. Traffic = fucked up shit. But thanks again! :rolleyes:

Overall everything ran well but I don’t ever see myself running another tourney this big. I’m sure the next one will be even bigger because of recent turnouts. Maybe Tomass and myself can rent something out for the future. All the stress, repainting, cleaning up, and lugging shit back up stairs has taken it’s toll on us. Even my guinea pig is still in rehab. Scared shitless.




That sucks what they did to your walls C-God ;_; Yea, that was one hell of a big turnout! I didn’t really get to talk to you but… next time! =D I can’t wait for you to announce the next one! I’ll defenitely be there ^^;


Now this is what I call and OwnedTV PPV Exclusive.

:cool: :cool: :cool: :lol: :lol:


that is true man. I used that in the tourney. if u are going to play capcom games, look for a good converter.


But…I like my GGXX stick. :frowning:


Isaac holding that shit down with that cheap ass MSP. HAHA I got something for that bitch psylocke haha. I see you in charlotte. Good shit to arturo holding it down in his respective games and for placing 5th in mvc2. you always seem to place good in mvc2 even though you dont play it. HAHA good shit man. See you in charlotte as well. I used some of that cheap zero shit and was cheesing people like crazy with my one day old zero. Haha what a dumb game SVC is. Anyway nuff ramblin




that is top tier.


johan are you “king of the rainforest” LMAO


Is it me or does johans avatar look like the character is putting on deodorant:lol: :lol:

LV III Shin Deordorant Art Super


I like my GGXX stick too. But in hindsight, the money is better spent on an SC2 stick because it isn’t stiff as fuck for the first few weeks and it has a standard 6 button layout. Or, if you can find it, get a Namco stick.


I was looking for a jap stick to use for my DC. I was up in there air on getting a SC2 stick or T4 stick but i don’t know if they are exactly the same or different. At the tourney mad people had the SC2 stick, a few had the SVC stick, while only some people had the T4 stick like Kono believe. Which one do u guys believe is the best one? THX



the magic stick had a good life. let it rest in peace now. :frowning:


Thank Goodness that POS is dead. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Shin Out
Just Kidding


eric why dont u talk trash:( :frowning:


All props to jakes testy, that was fucking amazing work of a low tier!


On the way to the tournament, I took a wrong turn and went the wrong direction onto US-11 (i think), and at a stoplight I noticed a restaurant with an interesting name… Keith’s Kountry Kitchen. Something looked wrong… but it didn’t hit me until koop said, “KKK!!” I then took notice that there was nothing but white people in this area. 3 blacks guys in a car probably stood out, so we got to C-GOD’s place ASAP.

Interesting place that Williamsport is… interesting.