Williamsport, MD Jan 18th Results


LOL! You mean that shit still exists? Just come to my place…you’ll be safe here. I have an attack guinea pig. LOL!


black ice
A thin, nearly invisible coating of ice that forms on paved surfaces.

and kiks, i totally forgot the stool. Blame it on will hailstock for rushing me to leave.

you need to get the xbox modded before it can play the games.


BTW…I found a small little black stool. I’m assuming it’s yours? I’ll hold on to it and your welcome to come get it or have someone get it for you whenever you want.


Remember when betting on Marvel whitey seems like a good bet but always put it on the Jew because they know how to make that cash :cool:.




To C-god or khang, I forgot to collect my 3rd place winnings for 3rd strike. Tell me if I should go to city place mall and have it given it to me. a good byproduct is i’ll get to own more.


kikin: come to city place – i’ll play you for that money :smiley:




Oh man…these were the days. Who knows where C-GOD is now?