Willing to send 7-11 Slurpee Straws

Not selling these. Just sending them for the cost of the straws/shipping & 1 dollar for gasoline. (Post office is a bit down the road)

No point in paying other people to cut them when they are easily cut with a hacksaw/dremel/pipecutter all of which someone you know in real life probably has!

So, Like I said before. Just shoot me a PM and i’ll be happy to help the community out with this. I’ve sent EvaWingZero his yesterday and he should receive his by Monday/Tuesday.

I’ll pick up as many as your hearts desire and ship them to wherever. We still have all the colors as of now and it didn’t look like they were going anywhere.



Ragnarok, I couldnt write you back as your PM box is full.

The cost of 12 straws is about 12.63

I dont remember the exact length of the straws. So I need to check what size mailer I would need to send 12 of them.

I’ll be able to pick up the straws today. But I wont be able to mail out til monday.

message me on here with your AIM and we can talk more on there!

**Also the zipcode they are mailing from is 32746.

Also, The straws are .99 cents + 0.07 cents for tax.

whenever you go to pick some up, i’d very much like a 2x red and 2x yellow! thanks sir

Well I’m an idiot, I never realized my box was full until just now. I cleared it so I’ll sent you a PM for the details.

hey, how many colors are there? If you could post a pic that’d probably help me out a lot. Thanks!

what are the straws for? shaft covers?