Will's Pub Monthly - Orlando, FL - 2/1/10 Results

1: Peter Susini ($161.00)
2: Prince Martinez AKA BRONXPUERTOROX ($46.00)
3: Alex Jebailey ($23.00)
4: Harry Torres
5: John Garland
5: Ron Kazama
7: Torrin Fields
7: leland Miller
9: jimmy
9: brett Roth
9: Julio
9: Jose F
13: Ian Shotton
13: Tony Moore
13: 10 yard mike
13: rian black
17: Ben Reed
17: Jeremiah Caret
17: Hamilton
17: Alex Costa
17: bob Nadal
17: edgar madrigal
17: Harold

Tekken 6

1: Hot Niks ($42.00)
2: Alex Nichols ($12.00)
3: John Martin ($6.00)
4: manny camacho
5: Demarcus
5: Kenny

Tampa Vs Orlando War on I4. Tampa Regains the Trophy

Jebailey Gauntlet

Tampa Got Jebaited

Good shit everybody. Shout out to Manny and his staff for all their help and to Brett for passing out on the floor of the bathroom! See you guys next month!

Damn, I’m just glad I got past the first round this time. Getting nervous is a fucking bitch! >XD Anyways…Great games, Can’t wait for the next one.

El Fuerte, Flying Giga Buster!!! :wgrin:


Yo Tampa GGS for taking the 6v6 and Grats to Jebailey for taking all 6 in the gauntlet. Now I am going to drive you guys nuts until your special text under your names to “I got Jebaited”

GGS to face & Jebailey for always keeping Orlando Hype…you guys are too damn funny, and jeebus oh my god to the jesus duck Face if that beard gets any bigger lol.

GGs to everyone I played.

I saw your match against Garland, good stuff.

/fixed for ya

Good shit Momo. Need more Elf vs. Elf matches.

Say it aint’ so Torrin… Say it aint’ so. :shake: :sad:

thts my boy Momomr in 4th place congrats

There needs to be a daily Will’s Pub Monthly. Btw, not sure if there was more than 1 Tony, but my last name is Claitor lol.

How the fuck did Tampa win The I4 Trophy back yet couldn’t beat one person!? Damn work always getting in the way

Good shit though jebailey, Good shit to Tampa for winning the trophy back and Good Shit to the placers.

Now lets follow tradition by talking about how much everyone is improved only for Flash to come on here and say everyone in Fl is ass