Will's Pub Monthly SSF4 Tournament - Orlando, FL - 7/19/10

**When:**Monday July 19th

Where: Will’s Pub near downtown Orlando
Click for directions

Details: Double Elimination Super Street Fighter 4 tournament and Random Select SSF4 tournament
Game Version: XBOX 360

2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches

3 out of 5 winner finals/loser finals/grand finals

Winner must stick with same character, same ultra, loser may pick a new character.

Payout 70/20/10

XBOX 360, BYOC: I will not be providing any type of controller.

Must be 18 to attend and 21 to consume alcohol, anyone caught buying or giving alcohol to a minor will be kicked out without a refund and be banned from any tournament I host for life!

Entry Fee: $15 dollars to enter with $10 going toward the pot and $5 toward the house for promotion cost (advertising, production, possible security/door guy) any money left over will be used towards the next event. You only have to pay the entry fee once, regardless of how many tournaments you enter.

The random select tournament will cost $5 to enter with 70/20/10. You must random select every match.

Registration: On site registration will be from 4-7, with the singles tournament starting at 7:30 and the team tournament starting after the singles finals. You can pre-register by sending and email to: orlandobarfights@gmail.com with the following information in the subject line:

Wills Pub SF4 Tournament 12/28/2009 Pre-registration information

Include the following in the body of the message:

What games you are participating in.

Name, SRK handle if applicable, your age and where you are from.

If you pre-register and do not show up by 7 you will be disqualified and unable to pre-register for future events unless you contact me prior and explain your circumstances i.e. had to work, in the hospital ect.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PRE-REGISTERING. It guarantees your entrance into the tournament if you have to show up late.

This is a bar/drinking atmosphere and you are expected to act like an adult, if you get to intoxicated and act a fool you will obviously get kicked out. Use common sense and you will be fine.

Remember to bring your ID or you will not be allowed into the establishment.

Hope to see everyone there.

As always looking forward to it Face.

Definitely try to add the Random Tournament to it. With my 2 Tv’s Setups and yours, we should have plenty of time to run both.

Also I’m throwing a Bounty on my head again as reigning 6 time Wills Pub Champion.

If any ABEL player can send me to Losers or Knock me out you will get $50 bucks Cash.

mother fucker, i wasn’t first…

Don’t know about my VS Corps brethren, but I for sure will be there. Best be ready Alex, I’m coming for that money. =D

Xbox only?

Besides the Xbox 360 tourney, will any of you guys be holding a ps3 street fighter 4 tourney??? I wanted to join this upcoming tourney, but I only have a ps3 joystick that’s why I ask.

respond ASAP

No, no ps3. The reason is every time I get a ps3 request and then acquire one for the tournament no ps3 players show up. This has happened several times. So sorry, no. Maybe mod a ps3 controller?

Also, I am adding a random select tourney to the mix. The cost will be $5 with the same payout scale, 70/20/10. See you guys next week!

as long as you don’t slap sticks around like a gorilla people are generally willing to lend you theres if you ahve a match as well…

Face - you have made this Asian American smile a big smile by adding this random select tournament — You and Jebailey are both Gods among men. As I stated for Jebailey doing that, I’m gonna buy you a brew or 2 just for being rad.

Just sucks that I work til 7 and have to haul ass there :frowning:

What time will the Random select tourney be happening?

I imagine directly after the main tournament, though I could be wrong. So it’ll be dependent on the # of the Main Event entries. If you wanna match me online for some random battles, holler! We can play first to 7 or 11.

The random select tournament start time depends on the number of entrants. Most likely it will start during the losers semi finals of the main tournament.

I might go!


Believe it or not, I’m in the car on the way there right now 0-0

GGs fellas