Wills Pub Orlando,FL 3/23 Results

1: Alex Jebailey ($168.00) Balrog, Sagat, Rufus, Ryu, Blanka
*2: leland Miller ($48.00) Zangief
*3: prince Martinez ($24.00) Akuma
4: John Martin Viper, Balrog
5: harold ellis Rufus
5: Momo El Fuerte
7: Jeremiah Caret Balrog
7: Lord Beauchamp Balrog, Ryu
*9: brett Roth E. Honda
9: sean Belveal Blanka
9: Brian Black El Fuerte
9: Ian Shotton Sagat, Bison
13: Irvin
13: Patrick Clary
*13: alex Costa
13: andrew vance
17: Cody Reinholt
17: noah
17: travis Gun
17: David Arraya
17: orlando Suber
17: Alex Tsakanikas
17: john ramy
*17: Tony Claitor

*Jebaited Victims

EDIT- Videos of a few Matches

Elf Mirror Match- [media=youtube]OnX8cOvmKyU[/media]
Winners Finals Leland Vs Jebailey Part 1 [media=youtube]mAmVHkmAyN0[/media]
Part 2 [media=youtube]NrQWfFTooTs[/media]
Losers Finals Leland vs Prince Part 1 [media=youtube]X4c68kHSjdE[/media]
Part 2 [media=youtube]O5Ah8YF2eyA[/media]

Big Thank you to Face for running another event. Even on just 2 Tvs after an XBox shitting on us we still ran things smoothly and finished on time. Next Wills pub Tourney will be the first Monday after Super SF4 comes out which is May 3rd.

Thanks to Tampa for always coming out and donating Money to the WWJD Foundation.

I recorded a Fun to watch El Fuerte Mirror Match, The Winners Semis/ Winners Finals and Loser Finals.

Did not record the Grand Finals which came down to Leland owning me the first set 3-0 Gief vs Sagat.

Then 2nd Set went to the final Game after I switched to Blanka to take away a game and then back to Sagat to come back from 2-1 to win 3-2. I’m still sweating Ashura.

Thanks again Everyone,

Your 5 Time, 5 Time, 5 Time Wills Pub Champion

Good time tonight and good games to everyone I played.

There is nothing FUN about that match-up.

Thanks for the beer jebailey… Thats the one that made me “Jebait” myself into giving you the first set after i had it in the bag.lol I go to will pub to have fun and drink and play SF4 best combo until vegas… Good Shit to jebailey for always taking advantage of me and leland with his new Gimmicks i believe they call it since final round… Raping jebailey making him use the whole cast and bring it to final set… Always fun at wills pub…Next tournament probably bob’s this saturday

shouldn’t tsak be 13, he won his first match against me…

yo, there’s 8 of us in 17th place, why you gotta put my name at the bottom? D:


Fun tourney.

My fiance signed me up and spelt my name wrong:rofl:. It’s Cleary.

Awesome tournament as always Face! I like not having to pick a number out of a hat, it makes it less of a hassle. Also, there’s a console war joke in there somewhere but I’m not awake enough to make it.

#13. Guess you can call me mid-tier, lol.

That probably was the best match of the night that I saw, next to the Grand Finals.