WiLLvolution 2006 Results!

Guilty Gear XX Slash Tournament Results (29 Participants)
1st-Shadow Man 2099-FL (May)
2nd-CEO of Darkness-FL (Anji)
3rd-RaYzYrbYrn-CA (Testament)
4th-Troyboy-FL (Ky, Sol)
5th (Tie)-rashreflection-OH (Potemkin, Robo-Ky)
5th (Tie)-Pinion-FL (Potemkin)


WiLLvolution 2006 GGXX/ Grand Finals-CEO of Darkness vs. Shadow Man 2099

“Those Dustloop guys will finally enjoy these finals this time!”-Best… Quote… Ever!

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Tournament Results (43 Participants)
1st-HeartNana-IL (Ten Ten, Hinata, A. Hinata, Temari)
2nd-projekt84-FL (Itachi, OTKN, Kidoumaru, Temari)
3rd-Mr. Brightside-FL (OTKN, Gai, Sakon, A. Hinata)
4th-Mystic-FL (Itachi)
5th (Tie)-Iceman-OH (Temari)
5th (Tie)-Dark Sasuke-IL (CS2 Sasuke, OTKN)


WiLLvolution 2006 NGNT4 Grand Finals-projekt84 vs. HeartNana

The Winner’s Semi Finals were set as HeartNana vs. Dark Sasuke and Mr. Brightside vs. Iceman. Mystic was taken out from the Winner’s thanks to HeartNana in the 3rd Quarter Finals (Before Semi-Finals) and Florida Hokage Champion, projekt84 was taken out the same round as well but against Team Game Junkie member, Iceman! During the Winner’s Finals, HeartNana defeated Mr. Brightside in a 3-1 match. In the Loser’s Semi Finals, Finals #1 and 2, projekt84 defeats Iceman, Mystic, and Mr. Brightside respectively and met up with HeartNana in the Grand Finals. HeartNana defeated Florida Hokage Champion, projekt84 and became the WiLLvolution 2006 Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Champion!

ALL Filler and Main Event matches were cancelled due to time restraints.

There were a little drama and emo whatever here and there but nothing change the fact that this was the best Florida fighting game tournament ever! People from 6 different states traveled to the 561 to compete in Guilty Gear XX Slash and Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4. If you miss this event because of transportation issues, taking care of the family dog, don’t know what losing is, etc., then maybe next time. I like to thank everybody that attended this event and making this possible. And I’m not in so much debt this time around! LoL!

Unfortunately, there were no Filler/Main Event matches this time so we couldn’t see the 3 vs 3 that was supposed to happen. I wanted that match to be a pioneer for my future tournaments but I’ll hold off on the idea on February 2007 (A semi-big tournament I’m planning and around that time I will announce WiLLvolution 2007). Also, that Main Event match that I supposed to have (Team Florida 2005 vs. Team Illiniowa) was my “final match” as I would announce that I would retire from playing fighting games professionally to pursue on Magic: The Gathering. Since the match didn’t happen, I will not retire yet and will continue on (I will come back playing M:TG competitively anyways). The rest of 2006 I’m highly considering about coming to AWA, and the tentative Game Junkie and Texas tournament so I will promise that I will practice more and live up to my name and my state.

TVs were such an issue but at least all the TVs for were not HD. I only had 2 for each game and I wanted 3/4 for each. That’s one of the problems I will tackle as I will try my best to make the WiLLvolution 2006 DVD awesome and raise money from hosting future tournaments to purchase TVs.

Speaking of hosting tournaments, as some already know that I will be taking a 1-2 month break from hosting tournaments. I will start a new season with new ideas and a new staff! Once I start hosting tournaments the Ranking Points will be erased but your W/L/D record will be intact. I’m also starting a new South Florida Division in hopes of encouraging more players to participate and I will bring back other fighting games that I discontinued in the past. Each game will have a WPB, Miami and Overall points. Everybody is not excluded from these tournaments (Including out of state players). If you participate in a Miami NGNT4 tournament that I host, the points will go toward your NGNT4 Miami and NGNT4 Overall points. I think it’s a bit confusing at first but I think it’s a great idea. Don’t be afraid to give feedback about this.

Will Is So Sexy!!!


Will I am part of the NYC crew…we challenge all of the willvolution crew to Naruto gnt. Aim me or PM me so we can work out details…we are also on us site but we wanna test our skills and see where we stand.

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