Willvolution 2007 Results!

Willvolution 2007 Results!

Willvolution 2007 7vs7 Main Event
Team Ohio defeated Team Florida

Soul Calibur II Tournament Results (11 Participants)
1st-HeartNana-Chicago, IL (Cassandra)
2nd-kAb-Gainesville, FL (Talim)
3rd-Funked-Cedar Rapids, IA (Taki)
4th-Kokain-Cedar Rapids, IA (Cervantes)

5th-Midas-Plantation, FL
7th-Icekid-West Palm Beach, FL
7th-RaYzYrbYrn-Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
9th-Necrosis-Chicago, IL
9th-Dr. Shank-Chicago, IL
9th-serpentwaterwielder-Melbourne, FL

Virtua Fighter 5 Tournament Results (5 Participants)
1st-X-tian-Miami, FL (Lei-Fei)
2nd-Ladon-Miami, FL (El Blaze)
3rd-INCIDENT-Miami, FL (Jeffry)
4th-HeartNana-Chicago, IL (Eileen)

5th-The WiLL-Lake Worth, FL (Pai)

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Tournament Results (14 Participants)
1st-Ktaden-Apopka, FL (Julia)
2nd-HeartNana-Chicago, IL (Asuka)
3rd-Devil Reborn-SC (Jin)
4th-kAb-Gainesville, FL (Marduk)

5th-The Red Don-Jacksonville, FL
5th-Hotnix-Orlando, FL-
7th-DSJN-Jacksonville, FL
7th-Suxors-Cedar Rapids, IA
9th-Bubba-Miami, FL
9th-Kokain-Cedar Rapids, IA
9th-The WiLL-Lake Worth, FL
9th-CEO of Darkness-Boynton Beach, FL
13th-Redrum-Miami, FL

Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! EX Tournament Results (14 Participants)
1st-Iceman-Cincinnati, OH (Gaara)
2nd-DarkZero-Cincinnati, OH (Naruto)
3rd-HeartNana-Chicago, IL (Ten Ten, Sakura, Temari)
4th-Nero-Sarasota, FL (Ten Ten, Temari)

5th-Icekid-West Palm Beach, FL
5th-Necrosis-Chicago, IL
7th–TBC- Boocock-West Chester, OH
7th-Devi-Sarasota, FL
9th-The Duke-Cincinnati, OH
9th-Akatsuki-Cincinnati, OH
9th-The WiLL-Lake Worth, FL
9th-RaYzYrbYrn-Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
13th-princess of light-West Palm Beach, FL
13th-Dr. Shank-Chicago, IL

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Tournament Results (50 Participants)
1st-Funked-Cedar Rapids, IA (OTKN, Kisame)
2nd-Dark_Sasuke-Chicago, IL (Temari, Neji)
3rd-Kokain-Cedar Rapids, IA (Kisame, OTKN)
4th-The Duke-Cincinnati, OH (Itachi)

5th–TBC- Boocock-West Chester, OH
5th-Bennedy-Cincinnati, OH
7th-HeartNana-Chicago, IL
7th-Iceman-Cincinnati, OH
9th-Mystic-Miami, FL
9th-projekt84-Miami, FL
9th-underscore-Port St. Lucie, FL
9th-The Juggernaut-Miami, FL
13th-ANBU-Cincinnati, OH
13th-Back Door Greg-Cincinnati, OH
13th-dignity-Chicago, IL
13th-T_P-Cincinnati, OH
17th-The WiLL-Lake Worth, FL
17th-Mr. Brightside-Orlando, FL
17th-Tsak Kimimaro-Crownsville, MD
17th-Icekid-West Palm Beach, FL
17th-Urban Yeti-Cincinnati, OH
17th-RaYzYrbYrn-Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
17th-Akatsuki-Cincinnati, OH
17th-Nero-Sarasota, FL
25th-Dark Kakashi-Chicago, IL
25th-Devi-Sarasota, FL
25th-SpOoKiE-Port St. Lucie, FL
25th-comicfiend-Cincinnati, OH
25th-sabinx-Delray Beach, FL
25th-DarkZero-Cincinnati, OH
25th-Necrosis-Chicago, IL
25th-Frozen Terror-West Palm Beach, FL
32nd-Dr. Shank-Chicago, IL
32nd-akadou-Port St. Lucie, FL
32nd-kAb-Gainesville, FL
32nd-BlaDe MasTer-West Palm Beach, FL
32nd-Striker-West Palm Beach, FL
32nd-Midas-Plantation, FL
32nd-Mr. L-Gainesville, FL
32nd-sasuke demon-Lantana, FL
32nd-ChocoboMog123-Sarasota, FL
32nd-ARGH-Sarasota, FL
32nd-PBJ Mixxa-Ames, IA
32nd-Disastorm-Miami, FL
32nd-serpentwaterwielder-Melbourne, FL
32nd-Veiwitful D-Davie, FL
48th-Darkhonor90-Miami, FL
48th-princess of light-West Palm Beach, FL

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament Results (7 Participants)
1st-FlashMetroid-Miami, FL (Strider/Doom/Sentinel)
2nd-ShinRyuX-FL (Santhrax)
3rd-D2K-Miami, FL (Scrub)
4th-G1itch-Miami, FL (Scrub)

5th-Calm Warrior-Orlando, FL
5th-Lilman-Hollywood, FL
7th-Windlord0-Winter Park, FL

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Tournament Results (11 Participants)
1st-doujinshi_2001-Orlando, FL (A-Sakura, Bison, Blanka)
2nd-FlashMetroid-Miami, FL (C-Vega, Rolento, Blanka)
3rd-Calm Warrior-Orlando, FL (A-Joe, Kyo, Rock)
4th-nothingxs-Miami, FL (A-Mai,Blanka, Sagat)

5th-G1itch-Miami, FL
5th-zerog-Miami, FL
7th-Rick F’n Stalvey-Ft. Myers, FL
7th-RaYzYrbYrn-Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
9th-Necrosis-Chicago, IL
13th-Dr Shank-Chicago, IL

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Tournament Results (16 Participants)
1st-zerog-Miami, FL (Urien, Chun Li)
2nd-HunterSFL-Miami, FL (Dudley)
3rd-doujinshi_2001-Orlando, FL (Ken)
4th-ShinRyuX-FL (Ken)

5th-eiSH-Miami, FL
5th-FlashMetroid-Miami, FL
7th-G1itch-Miami, FL
7th-Hell Murder-Miami, FL
9th-D2K-Miami, FL
9th-Calm Warrior-Orlando, FL
9th-Necrosis-Chicago, IL
13th-Dr. Shank-Chicago, IL
13th- AnGrYM4N-FL
13th-The Lemur-FL

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Tournament Results (18 Participants)
1st-FlashMetroid-Miami, FL (Jam)
2nd-ShadowMan 2099-Miami, FL (May)
3rd-2Piece-Orlando, FL (Sol, Jam)
4th-Mak0infus3d-Orlando, FL (Ky, Potemkin, Slayer)

5th-Senkei33-Orlando, FL
5th-Hotnix-Orlando, FL
7th-CEO of Darkness-Boynton Beach, FL
7th-Darkhonor90-Miami, FL
9th-Marubex-Miami, FL
9th-Windlord0-Winter Park, FL
9th-ShinQuickMan-Miami, FL
9th-RaYzYrbYrn-Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
13th-Necrosis-Chicago, IL
13th-HunterSFL-Miami, FL
13th-Dr. Shank-Chicago, IL
13th-Tsak Kimimaro-Crownsville, MD
17th-trippies-West Palm Beach, FL
17th-PBJ Mixxa-Ame, IA

Out of all the tournaments I hosted, this is the best one! I did encountered some minor problems (Compared to last year’s). The whole Final 4 at the end was a problem on Saturday and it’ll probably be the last time players will see the Tri-screen. On Sunday, I split one TV and the projector and that counts as a Tournament TV. Once we get to the Final Four then all matches will be on the big screen rather then waiting until the end of the night. That method works effectively and I’m planning to do the same thing next year.

I did record 90% of the matches that happen at Willvolution 2007. The only ones I missed were some of T5DR and NGNT4. I also didn’t record the Final 4 of SC2, T5DR, and Naruto EX. All matches will be up ASAP including the Willvolution 2006 matches. Please be patient. It will be up when it’s up.

I like to thank everybody that came to this event. I hope to see y’all at Willvolution 2008 and in my 2007-2008 Tournament season!

What were the results for Smash. I wanna know who I can bet on next time. :rofl::rofl:

^ :lol:

Great tournament Will. <3

Richelle did Ryan so dirty in the 3S Finals :arazz:

Was great meeting everyone there again, GGs <3

I lawled at that too.

i gotta start playing naruto. there’s good money in that crap.

CvS2 vids?

I wanna see what happened with Flash and doujinshi.