Willvolution 2008 Results

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Tournament Results (8 Participants)
1st-The Juggernaut-FL (OTKN, Kimimaro)
2nd-Icekid-FL (Temari, Haku, Kankuro, etc.)
3rd-underscore-FL (Kankuro, Itachi)
4th-Mystic-FL (Itachi)

5th-The WiLL
7th-princess of light

-=The Juggernaut wins his 1st tournament!=-
He has notable wins in GGXXAC tournaments against the likes of FlashMetroid, Senkei33 and Hotnix but this NGNT4 turned GGXXAC player has yet to win one tournament. In 2006, Chicago’s HeartNana won the first NGNT4 tournament and in 2007, Iowa’s Funked won the 2nd and this year, Florida’s own The Juggernaut wins the Willvolution 2008 NGNT4 Tournament!

-=underscore scores 3rd while Mystic is under?=-
In the Loser’s Semi Finals, the match was set as underscore vs. Mystic. underscore in his young NGNT4 career has defeated every NGNT4 Florida player except Mystic. Mystic forfeited his match (Almost in the same fashion The WiLL forfeited against Mystic in the Grand Finals at Anime Weekend Atlanta 12.) to focus on his GGXXAC game.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Tournament Results
Cancelled due to lack of participants.

Street Fighter III Third Strike Tournament Results (13 Participants)
1st-FlashMetroid-FL (Yun, Chun Li)
2nd-ShinRyuX-FL (Ken)
3rd-eiSH-FL (Yun)
4th-SSJ2Jeff-FL (Dudley)

9th-Green Mario
13th-Calm Warrior

-=4 Time! 4 Time! 4 Time! 4 Time Willvolution Major Champion!=-
FlashMetroid wins Street Fighter III Third Strike and Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Tournament this year!

Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! EX2 Tournament Results (5 Participants)
Rules changed to Round Robin
1st-Icekid-FL (Temari, Rock Lee)
2nd-RaYzYrbYrn-CA (Yamato, Sasori)
3rd-The WiLL-FL (Tsunade, PTS Sasuke)
4th-serpentwaterwielder-FL (Deidara, Sasuke)

5th-princess of light-FL (Yamato, Asuma, Neji)

-=California’s RaYzYrbYrn gets 2nd and defeats The WiLL!=-
Both had quite a history. The WiLL defeated RaYzYrbYrn in a Anime Expo 2006 Hotel Tournament at Anaheim, CA and a NGNT4 tournament at Austin, TX. RaYzYrbYrn finally gets a sweet victory defeating The WiLL at his hometown!

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Tournament Results (30 Participants)
1st-FlashMetroid-FL (Jam)
2nd-Alex G.-FL (Dizzy)
3rd-The Juggernaut-FL (Slayer)
4th-Senkei33-FL (Faust)

5th-CEO of Darkness
17th-Eclipsing Binary
17th-Afro Thundah
25th-Green Mario

-=Notable Players=-
CEO of Darkness-New school players and even some veterans find CEO’s placement as a shocker, but the 2nd Place Finalist at Willvolution 2006 Guilty Gear XX: Slash Tournament made sure that he wasn’t get counted out at this event. He defeated top notch players such as Senkei33 and Hotnix before getting stopped by Team Blockstunner members, The Juggernaut and Mystic in this tournament.

The Juggernaut-He’s a fan favorite thanks to his NGNT4 fame in this tournament. He hit a roadblock named Alex G. in this tournament and was defeated twice against him.

Mystic-I guess forfeiting his NGNT4 match was definitely worth it when he placed 5th in this tournament!

Senkei33-He’s very consistent in placing top 8 in GGXXAC Tournaments (Including Final Round XI GGXXAC Tournament). He took a bump when he was defeated by CEO of Darkness in the early brackets but climbed his way in a difficult Loser’s Bracket lineup when he defeated Andrew, Ironlung, and Mystic until he’s finally defeated by long time nemesis, The Juggernaut in the Loser’s Semi Finals.

RaYzYrbYrn-Despite having a broken Street Fighter Anniversary stick, this California native still placed Top 10 in this tournament!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Doubles Tournament Results (14 Teams)
1st-Need a Dispenser Over Here (Afro Thundah and Linguini)
2nd-Team Down Throw (Seibrik and Needle of Juntah)
3rd-Texas Bonesaw Massacre (Chaz and Bonesaw)
4th-Half Baked Alpha Males (Fearless and Equi)

5th-RxYz (Rx- and xYz)
5th-Next Time on DragonBall Z (GDX and HRNut)
7th-Team Blockstunners (Icekid and underscore)
7th-Gmoney’s Girlfriend is Red Hot (Gmoney and Gingerr)
9th-Venom is Gay for Eddie (HunterSFL and C.Hill)
9th-The Foreigner (Nutrition Facts and Miav)
9th-Eye Candy (Green Mario and Tim)
9th-Banana Spam (Adam and riro?)
13th-WPB (Matt and TS)
13th-Whatever (White Out and Brandon)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Singles Tournament Results (50 Participants)
1st-Mew2King-NJ? (DeDeDe and Metaknight)
2nd-Seibrik-FL (DeDeDe and Kirby?)
3rd-Afro Thundah-FL (Snake)

9th-Needle of Juntah
17th-White Out
17th-Green Mario
33rd-Avatar Yong
33rd-Nutrition Facts
33rd-Adam Young
33rd-princess of light
49th-Fervel Linkman

-=One of the best Brawl players in the Nation takes the tournament!=-
Mew2King takes the honor of winning the first Smash tournament in the Willvolution Major Series!

The attendance this year topped last year’s despite being one day this year. I have a lot of pictures and videos for this year and it’ll be up later. I still have a bunch of videos that I have in previous tournaments including Willvolution 2007. There were a few factors such as my YouTube Suspension, Stage6 shutting down, etc. that prevented me from putting Willvolution 2007 videos up. I was planning to make the Willvolution 2007 videos in July but I wanted to devote my time advertising Willvolution 2008 in July. I already announced that I’m taking some time off from hosting tournaments until about October-November 2008 and I will start back up the 08-09 Season. During my time off, I will devote a decent amount of my day making videos.

I like to thank everybody that attended this tournament to make this major event special. I’m extremely confident that next year’s Willvolution will be hot!

CEO of Darkness-Thanks a bunch for the 3 TVs and congrats on your 5th Place!

Daireangel-Thank you so much for carrying some of my TVs in your car. I will try my best to get a van to carry my TVs.

NoBody-Thanks for taking the pictures for me. I’m surprised you got over 250 Pictures. Good stuff!

Calm Warrior-Damn you for being late! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for calling the rest of the matches in 3s while I make the other brackets. Me love you long time!

Icekid-Why so serious? LoL. Thank you for calling the matches in GGXXAC while I was making the SSBB Singles Bracket.

xYz-Thank you for calling some of the matches in SSBB. I really hate critiquing others but one suggestion I have for you is try not to have others play casuals during tournament play. One great person has once said that the main objectives in running a tournament is to run it efficiently and quickly. I refrain others from playing casuals during tournament play unless there’s TVs that are not need then I’ll tell others that this TV is good for casuals. Once again I thank you for calling the SSBB matches for me.

princess of light-Thanks for calling the matches in Naruto EX2 and bringing your Wii and GCN.

Afro Thundah- Thank you for help hyping up this tournament and congrats on getting 3rd in SSBB!

sabinx-I was sad that you didn’t show up but thanks for hyping up this tournament. I wish you good luck in CA and hope you accomplish your goals there.

RaYzYrbYrn-I’m glad you had a great time at Willvo. I will try my best to come to Anime Expo 08. I gotta give Cali players a run for their money over there again. :slight_smile:

serpentwaterwielder-Yay! You finally get to play EX2! GGs in NGNT4 and EX2.

ShinRyuX and eiSH-That’s right! My people are taking top 4 in 3s!

BCC Crew, G1itch and other SoFlo players-Good seeing you guys again! Don’t worry…I’ll see you folks in SF4, TvC and BB!

Team Mediocre-It’s been a while since I seen you guys in my tournaments! You guys are beastly as usual. Where’s 2Piece and Mako?!

Iverson187-Can’t wait to play Soul Calibur IV against ya!

Caitsith-Blonds do it better right?

The Juggernaut-Are you going to Tally permanently? Casuals and Tournaments wouldn’t be the same w/o you.

projekt84-I wish you good luck in your schooling up North. I hope there’s a gaming scene where you’re going so you can show them some Southern hospitality!

Mew2King-I’m honored to have you in my tournaments. I hope you have a lot of fun here and hope to see you again next year.

underscore-Damn that Kankuro. :stuck_out_tongue:

trippies-I heard you beast some kids with your Venom! Good stuff!

Sarasota crew-I hope you have fun in this tournament. Sorry I didn’t do an interview with you, Movian. If you want, you can email me questions and I will answer them.

Nexus crew- I see you guys all the time every Wednesday! I appreciate y’all for coming.

FIU Smash Crew-You guys definitely brought your A game in this tournament! Congrats Seibrik on getting 2nd Place.

HRNut and GDX-I like y’all team name. It’s very fitting. :slight_smile:

Rx-- Thanks for your help in SSBB Singles. It was still odd seeing you without your hat…

FlashMetroid-Congrats on your 2 Tournament Victories!

Deg-The Uncrowned Champion! Soul Calibur IV is coming out. Hope to see you in SC again!

Eclipsing Binary-Another person going to CA? I wish you luck there!

Alex G. and Andrew-I hope you guys make it to whatever y’all had to go that night.

Mystic-So you gonna play Soul Calibur IV? :slight_smile:

Equi-I never see anybody so happy about the Rainbow Cruise banning. Good job on your placing in SSBB!

gmoney-The Team Name thing is pretty funny. Thanks for the suggestion. That’s what’s up!

Sorry for those that I missed. Once again I thank you guys for coming. Next year I will do my best to make Willvolution 2009 awesome!

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