Willvolution 2009 - West Palm Beach, FL - 08.01 & 08.02.09 Results!

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Results
1st - underscore (Kankuro)
2nd - The Juggernaut (Rock Lee, Kimimaro, Kisame)
3rd - RaYzYrbYrn (Kiba, Kimimaro, Kisame)
4th - The WiLL (Sasuke)
5th - Chocobomog123
5th - Devi
7th - Kavas

3 years…1 Tournament Victory!
underscore made his debut at Back to Basics Tournament 1. He finished strong with 5th Place in his first 2 tournaments only losing to the likes of NGNT4 Tournament Winners, SS4 Fat Buu, The Juggernaut and Mr. Brightside and Evo2K9 Tournament Top 8 Finalist, Senkei33. At Back to Basics Tournament 3, he scored major upset victories over Icekid and The WiLL but took nasty bumps in the next 3 tournaments finishing near last. He reinvigorated his career by placing 9th Place in a 50 man NGNT4 Tournament at Willvolution 2007, 2nd Place at a regular tournament and 3rd Place at Willvolution 2008. He appeared at No Excuses Tournament 6 in attempt to make a NGNT4 comeback but finished 5th. At Willvolution 2009, underscore swept the tournament and defeated the heavy favorite, The Juggernaut, at Winner’s Finals and Grand Finals!

Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - underscore
Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - The Juggernaut

Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! EX3 Results
1st - The WiLL (Tsunade, Sasuke)
2nd - RaYzYrbYrn (Hiruko, Yamato, Kakuzu, Sasori)
3rd - Devi (Deidara, Kankuro, Temari, Gaara, Shino)
4th - Chocobomog123 (Chouji, Naruto)
5th - underscore
5th - Kavas
7th - Nicholas

West Coast vs. East Coast
The Winner’s Finals was set to be Florida’s own, The WiLL taking on California’s RaYzYrbYrn. RaYzYrbYrn became popular this year by contributing Rachel strats and appeared in Match 2 and 3 in the BlazBlue Special Edition DVD. He also playtested the upcoming Wii fighting game, Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3. WiLL took out RaYzYr’s Yamato and Kakuzu early in the Winner’s Finals until RaYzYr bust out Hiruko. WiLL had a difficult time finishing Hiruko and switched to Sasuke in the 5th match. RaYzYr took out Sasuke with ease and became the 3rd person to defeat The WiLL in an EX3 tournament. WiLL defeated Devi in the Loser’s Finals and the Grand Finals is West Coast vs. East Coast. The first and second set went to the 7th match and WiLL won both sets!

Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - The WiLL
Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - RaYzYrbYrn

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Doubles Results
1st - Nick Riddle and Galeon (ZSS and Lucas)
2nd - Seibrik and Afro Thundah (Snake and MK)
3rd - Masky and R@vyn (Wario and MK)
4th - Chocobomog123 and Zabuzafreak
5th - LittleJohn and Nicholas
5th - Ninito and Rudy
7th - Ben and Dave

Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - Nick Riddle and Galeon
Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - Seibrik and Afro Thundah

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Singles Results
1st - Afro Thundah (Snake)
2nd - Nick Riddle (ZSS)
3rd - Seibrik (MK)
4th - Masky (Wario)
5th - MnM
5th - R@vyn
7th - Xaltis
7th - Tommy G.
9th - MG46
9th - underscore
9th - TheJoey
9th - Reshard
13th - Tmoe
13th - Chocobomog123
13th - Dudgsh
13th - Clownbaby
17th - Dave J.
17th - D.D.F.
17th - Obsidiotic
17th - Sage
17th - Loli
17th - Ben H.
17th - Zabuzafreak
25th - Epsilon Sonic

No MK in the Grand Finals?!
Afro Thundah and Nick Riddle were quite surprised to take out Seibrik in Winner’s Finals and Loser’s Finals respectively. Afro didn’t have much ZSS practice but Afro C4ed his way to victory!

Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - Afro Thundah

BlazBlue Results
1st - ssj2jeff (Rachel)
2nd - Mystic (Hakumen)
3rd - CEO of Darkness (Tager)
4th - King (v-13)
5th - Icekid
5th - Character
7th - The Juggernaut
7th - James A.
9th - The WiLL
9th - RaYzYrbYrn
9th - Velicoso
9th - Luisthepanda
13th - Kavas
13th - DFEAR
13th - Devi
13th - Lexy
17th - Zabuzafreak
17th - Chocobomog123
17th - aRBy

Low Tier Madness!
There were some crazy stuff going on in one section of the Winner’s brackets. Mystic’s Hakumen took out RaYzYrbYrn’s Rachel and CEO of Darkness’ Tager got revenge on King’s v-13 from No Excuses Tournament 9 and got him this tournament. CEO defeated Mystic in the Semi Finals but lost to ssj2jeff in the Winner’s Finals. Mystic defeated King in the Loser’s Semi Finals and returned the favor to CEO by defeating him in the Loser’s Finals. In the Grand Finals, ssj2jeff and Mystic fought a tough battle but the Rachel Rushdown was too much for the 5 Time Naruto Tournament and Soulcalibur IV Tournament winner.

Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - ssj2jeff
Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - Mystic

King of Fighters XII Results
1st - Velicoso
2nd - Lilman
3rd - Lexy
4th - sighrAx
5th - The WiLL

Velicoso does it again!
Velicoso and Lexy made a statement by taking Top 2 in SF4 at No Excuses Tournament 5. Velicoso adds another 1st Place victory when he defeated the veteran, Lilman in a long 2 set Grand Finals!

Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - Velicoso
Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - Lilman

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Results
1st - FlashMetroid (Jam)
2nd - HunterSFL (Venom)
3rd - Icekid (Potemkin)
4th - The Juggernaut (Slayer)
5th - C.Hill

Street Fighter IV Results
1st - FlashMetroid (C.Viper)
2nd - Lexy (Ryu, Bison, Abel)
3rd - ssj2jeff (Balrog)
4th - G1itch (Balrog, E.Honda, Blanka)
5th - Simplph33r
5th - Realtalkheadstomp
7th - HunterSFL
7th - DarkHokage
9th - Afro Thundah
9th - sighrAx
9th - Lilman
9th - Breaker
13th - DC
13th - Velicoso
13th - Kei
13th - Icekid

A few upsets happened in the Winner’s Brackets when SimplPh33r took out 1 Time SF4 Tournament Winner, Velicoso and Smash player, sighrAx defeated G1itch in the Preliminaries. Also, Realtalkheadstomp defeated ssj2jeff in Winners 1. In the Loser’s Brackets, Velicoso’s Balrog couldn’t get around Afro Thundah’s Sagat when Sagat’s HK stuffed any attempts of getting in whether it’s Rush Punch, EX Rush Punch, etc. Lexy defeated ssj2jeff in the Loser’s Finals but in the end, FlashMetroid swept Lexy in the Grand Finals.

Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - FlashMetroid
Willvolution 2009 Aftermath - Lexy

It was a fun tournament as always! I appreciate everybody that came to this event. Just like the previous years, I’m going to take some time off hosting tournaments. I know I neglected a lot of work from www.willvolution.com to focus on hosting tournaments at 2 different areas. During my time off, I will edit and upload videos, update the ranking points and Player’s Profiles at willvolution.com, and put up pictures from previous tournaments. To warn everybody ahead of time, I’m putting up videos with no names to save time (I have like 13+ sets of tournament vids!). I’m currently in talks with 3 different venues that I could possibly host tournaments for the 2010 season. Also, there’s Fat Princess! That game is the truth!

RaYzYrbYrn - Epic Grand Finals battle! Also, good matches in BB! I hope to see you again next year. We gotta do another epic Grand Finals battle in NCoNR3 or another game!

CEO of Darkness, Kavas, The Juggernaut- Thanks for bringing the TVs!

Daireangel - Thanks for helping me call out names in BB while I’m in a match.

underscore, FlashMetroid, ssj2jeff, Nick Riddle, Velicoso, Galeon, Afro Thundah - Congrats on getting 1st Place!

Devi, Chocobomog123, Zabuzafreak - I haven’t seen you guys in years! Good matches in the Naruto/BB matches we played.

R@vyn - It sucks you didn’t show up on time for NGNT4.

Lexy and Velicoso - Glad to see you guys at a high level play tournament and doing well! I hope to see you guys again!

Team Blockstunners - Top 8 in BB!

MG46 - Good job in the dance off against Afro! LoL!

Sorry for those I didn’t mention. Thanks again for coming and hope to see you guys in the future!

who plays in midwest.

anyways i definitely shouldn’t have lost to the ppl i lost to in SF4. albert out gimicked me and i didn’t adapt to lexy at all till it was too late.

well sorry i could not go, but Im believe you only got 16 ppl int he Sf4 tourney cause of the time and day, you cannot afford to make Sf4 tourneys on Sunday nights, ppl gotta work on Monday,

me and like 5 ppl could not go because of that

Bring it on! I know Midwest is tough. I fought against J Money recently in SF4. Here’s the vid… http://www.willvolution.com/073109_sf4_casuals.htm

I work a 10 hr shift on Monday and 3 other days. I planned ahead and got the day off since I’m there morning to midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Anyways, I announced the date 3-4 months in advance so everybody can prepare for the event. I had enough setups to cover a big crowd and have the ability to outsource more if I need to. Honestly, if people would say something about the time being late around the time I announced the event, I would’ve changed the time. Only one person said something from all the forums I posted. There were many factors of the low turnout. I will learn from them so Willvolution 2010 will be better than ever!

It sucks that you can’t make it. I don’t think there were any Gief players there…

Actually Will I liked the fact that it was on a sunday because that meant I didn’t have to choose between your tournament at south east regionals.

Go Icekid All The Way… You Got Em Next Time…