Willvolution 2009 - West Palm Beach, FL - 08.01.09 & 08.02.09

will serisously… gonna need to change hat time on the SF4 tournament,

It’s a little over a week away for this tournament and it’s too late to make the SF4 tournament early. I know the suggestion was made a month ago and I haven’t check the forums much. I’m not throwing anybody under the bus or anything but nobody has came up to me about the SF4 time issue when I was at my monthly tournaments, Yasumicon, other tournaments, gatherings, etc. At Future tournaments I will make the games with possible big turnouts first.

Prereg is up! http://www.willvo.com

Less than a week away! I can’t wait!

get hype.

i need some serious practice in SF4. too much BB

Yo, everytime I get on Live you’re playing BB. You need to drop it alteast for the next few days maybe then you could possibly have a chance against me :wink:

Especially since I got homecourt advantage.

my copy of SF4 is fucked up. i may not even enter it. i wanna take BB though.

If anyone want to practice send me a PM through XBL, I need to train my ryu, I’m still not sure if I should use Ryu or Ken :confused:
Redeem my loss from Evo at finals pool.

I’ll train with you, my bison needs training vs ryu. I’ll hit you up tonight dude.

One more day for the Willvo weekend! FYI if you bring a PS3 for the tournament, you get 5 bucks off the entry fee. If you bring a TV, you get 5 bucks off the entry fee.

Will is there a time limit for registration? I might be coming late for SF4.