Wilmington NC SF4 Tournament

STREET FIGHTER 4 TOURNAMENTS September 1, 2009 6:00 PM
Double Elimination
Best 2/3 rounds and best 2/3 matches
24 Players
Players can bring their own controllers/joysticks
Random seeding
X-BOX 360
No Pausing
Arrive early-arriving late forfeits your spot (NO REFUNDS)
$12 dollars, $5 deposit on sign up (NO REFUND)-----New lower entry fee!
? 1st place-$100 cash
? 2nd place-$32 cash
? 3rd place-$12 cash?

*Prizes based on 24 entrants. Prizes may need to be adjusted based on the total number of participants.


PS3 is the tournament standard for SF4, btw.

is this just taking place in the center of town?

Alright so…assuming I can manage to wander wilmington and find your tournament by sheer luck, and 23 other people do so as well, on a Tuesday, all with 17 dollars in hand ready to enter, ready to play on a system no one plays on competitively, you’re telling me that out of the pool of 288 dollars not counting entry fee you’ll be charging, only 144 of it will be going to the players?

Awesome plan. I can see this becoming a new major.

Samurai: It’s at Gamerz in the Independence Mall. It’s $12 I think, not $17. The $5 deposit is just if you pre-register.

I might show up if I can.

uhmm, 12x24 is 288…

i think he knew how much it cost…

It’s gonna be on an aerial airship over downtown Wilmington.

What is it with fledgling tournament organizers in NC trying to rip people off?

Also, wow that entry fee is NEW and LOWER!

And that “deposit” is non-refundable.

Also, at least it’s not as bad as this idea was: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5533

wow there is a tourney in wilmington at the gamerz spot in the malll on tues.

ill prob. roll out there and see if i can win some money

Oh your god… was he serious?!