Win $2,500 for designing Evo's web site. Deadline Aug 26


Hi guys,

The Evo website kinda sucks. So I’ve put up an entry on crowdspring to redesign our site. All of you are welcome to submit designs. We’re paying $2000 to the winning design.

Check it out here



So you basically want a photoshop design or will you want the individual to create the site aswell?


This contest is just for the design, so yeah a photoshop mockup. Depending on the design we may need someone else to code it up as well.


Do you have any assets we can use for the mockups, logo, hires photos etc. I have a few ideas but I need to get some nice evo large hires photos.

NinjaEdit: NM just seen the updates


must comps participants don’t know what the other participants are doing, but in this I can view my competitor’s submissions. This will favour people to choose to wait and see what others are doing before submitting their own designs.


Can the displayed logo be side-by-side as it is on the current EVO site?


A photoshop competition, you say? I may have to come out of semi-retirement for this.


2days left, good luck everyone that entered from SRK :tup:


just submitted my design.
Good Luck to everyone!~


Inkbolt, will you make the competition public once the deadline is reached? Or better visible to just the competitors. Would really like to see the winner’s design