Win 50%+ of your matches with this 1 weird trick noobs don't want you to know about!



Step 1) Turn on Turbo on the 3 Punch button
Step 2) Hold down the 3 Punch button
Step 3) ???
Step 4) Profit


Yeah, I watched a stream the other day and this Rolento only did two things.

  1. Roll
  2. Air Raid

My only reaction was “Uggggggghhhhhhhhhh”.


Also: how to beat 90% of Hugos


I can’t believe how well it works, feels a little bit broken
A good amount of characters are able to punish it but some seem to have no options


Well if you get stuck in a corner, you’re screwed unless you have meter


i do this.

i dont give a shit.


Here’s a question you want to ask yourself.

Do you want to beat the bottom 50% of players, or the top 50% of players?

Choose wisely.


I just want to win to increase my PP, to have a PP bigger than your PP…

Is that the correct answer?


I don’t actually play Rolento, just some dick did this to me then I tried it to a few other people to see if I’m simply handicapped or if it’s actually hard to deal with


Turbo aside, it’s kind of interesting to fight Hugo without touching the joystick. Constrain yourself to only PPP flip and any of the 4 followup strengths. No other movement or buttons allowed. It is actually pretty effective unless the Hugo decides to get a life lead and time you out by turtling. Not bad practice for choosing your defensive flip timing wisely either.


I’m gonna keep doing it until people learn to stop me.


Blanka’s Electric Thunder (from distance). Decent Balrog players, Getting stuck in a corner and many more. Yep.