Win a Foe Hammer: Official (temporary) Skullheat Bounty Thread

[note: Skullheart is going to be down for a while (possibly through the end of the IGG campaign) and I know some of you are having a heart attack about the current Bounty race, so it’s up here temporarily so you have a place to panic. I’m missing a few things: some of the claimed bounties are actually completed, and I don’t have any of the reference art or templates for currently open bounties like MVKM’s six sided symbol stick for instance, so please post those up if you have them. I’ll make sure all new bounties posted here get carried back over to SH. The most important thing is that the money is into IGG by the end of the campaign, everything else we can find a way to work out once SH is back on its feet.]

You want some art like this?
You want a sculpture like this?
You want a stick like these?

Q: Okay, what the hell are Bounties?
Bounties are simple: You post a task-any task-with a $$$ reward, and if someone completes it, the reward is you donating that $$$ to the Indiegogo Campaign here:
Q. Any task?**
Any task: Fighting game lessons, artwork, proofread an essay, help me with a webpage, get creative!

Make the bounty posts in this thread. Be very clear what you want someone else to do, and be very clear how much money you plan on offering. If you have a bounty hunter in mind you want handling the bounty, @ message them in the post so they know they have first crack at it. I’ve included a list of hunters at the end of this post with links to their work.

Q: Sweet, so how do I claim a bounty someone’s posted?
Quote the bounty post, and say that you’re taking it in this thread. The person holding the bounty has the right to refuse, but I will consider the bounty as claimed by you unless the bounty-holder actually makes a post expressing their refusal. Contact the bounty-holder by PM after you’ve made a claim.
Q: Okay, so someone completed my Bounty. What now?**
A: If the person claiming your bounty has met your terms, then you donate the promised money to the indiegogo campaign. Take a screenshot of your donation receipt and post it in this thread (including the name you donated under and the amount the total was raised to. Your payment must be made AFTER you post the bounty. No old contributions will be accepted.), saying that your bounty has been met, along with the name you donated under if possible.

I will be keeping track of bounties in this thread to the best of my ability until the donation drive ends. I will be logging open bounties, claimed bounties, a shitlist(please don’t make me actually have to do this), completed bounties, total money raised for the indiegogo campaign from bounties, the top bounty hunters by total value of the bounties they have completed, and the top bounty posters by total value of the bounties they have funded.
Q. But How much should I offer?**
Offer whatever you feel comfortable with. If it’s too low and you can’t find someone you like you can always increase your offer. The higher your offer the more people will go crazy for it. But, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find someone in the following bounty ranges:
$5-10: Simple line drawing or doodle.
$30-50: Detailed drawing, or how to play skullgirls lesson(perfect for those buying the $30 tier).
$75-100: simple stick art fitting your layout
$100-250: elaborate stick art
$300 and up: pretty much all the hunters in the thread will compete for your bounty. Feel to solicit drafts and choose your favorite to do your bidding as Maru has done. Remember the more you offer the hungrier they will be.
Sample List of Hunters Hungry for your Bounty (click for their work.)
Watermystic277, Verdant Brave, Speh(warning: very nsfw)
Find more great work at the art forum
Fan Artists: PM me if you want to be listed here
The deadline to post and pay a bounty is, obviously, the end of the Indiegogo campaign.

All bounties must be claimed with an accepted WIP by March 31st at 11:59 pm EST. All bounties must be completed by May 1st 11:59 EST or you forfeit your place in the standings and your right to the prizes you’ve earned.

Bounty rules
No violation of forum rules, the law, or asking for anything hateful, harassing, or demeaning will be tolerated. So, asking things like “$9000 to get me Mariel’s phone number” is not allowed and will probably be an insta-perma-ban depending on how the mods are feeling.

Similarly, if you’re just playing around or you don’t pay up when someone fairly meets your terms, expect to get shitlisted. The reverse is true too: if you offer to meet a bounty and it’s found that you’re having a joke at everyone’s expense, don’t expect you can get away with a repeat performance. The mods and the CEO himself Sir Ravidrath are watching this thread carefully.

If I suspect anyone is gaming the system in anyway, I reserve the right to disqualify them from the competition and make them ineligible for the prizes described below.

What about the PRIZES?

So far on this drive, if you wanted a stick your only options have been to donate your way to one or take on Zone-sama in a social media battle. But what if you don't have money, friends, or a fanbase? What if all you have is ridiculous enthusiasm and a little bit of skill or art talent? Here's your chance to grind your way to success.

Prizes for Bounty Hunters:

1st: FoeHammer Dual-Mod Arcade Stick! The artwork and design for this stick is provided by none other than Skullgirls Creator ALEX AHAD! Alex took the “bounty-hunter” idea and ran with it, creating an amazing piece of Black Dahlia artwork which will grace the stick given to the individual whose completed bounties total the greatest dollar amount.
2nd:wins everything from the $150 tier that fits in a box.
3rd: wins everything from the $150 tier that fits in an email
4th: wins a Salty Cupcake Pin...if Eighty-sixed has any left when the competition’s over.

Prizes for Bounty Posters:
In honor of the campaign, SH's own madman is currently sculpting ALL the characters that get funded and they will be ALL up for grabs by the top bounty posters. The pieces promise to rival his amazing double sculpture you can see highlighted on his [tumblr](

1st: gets first choice among madman’s sculptures of Squigy, Big Band, and the 3rd DLC character (if we get that far...maybe even the 4th.) Follow Madman’s process of making this piece on his tumblr and on his art thread.
2nd: gets second choice among madman's sculptures of Squigly, Big Band, and the 3rd(4th?) DLC character.
3rd: gets third choice 
4th: gets fourth choice (if it exists) otherwise a salty cupcakes pin...if Eighty-sixed still has any left once the campaign is over.

Open Bounties:
Carnyth: $400 Taokaka, Squigly, SonSon stick art for TE(paid but need a winner)
Carnyth: $100 (paid…your guess is as good as mine)

Claimed Bounties:
Watermystic277 : Coolyo294: $40 [Valentine and Patty posed like TF2 reference pic]

Total $$$ Raised:$4696

Completed Bounties:
AustinQED: IsaVulpes $15 VSAV lessons
phonographic(unless speh upsets?): Carnyth: $400 Posterish size picture of Skullgirls/Baccano (focus is on funny meeting of the Isaacs from each franchise)
Phonographic: Foxpocket: $72 (repurpose stick art for TE)
MysteriousJ Citrustang: $206 art for a hitbox stick (template provided)need final confirmation
Madman: Hood57: $400 (super secret statutes?)
Verdant Brave: Qetzl: $114 [Stick art re-purposing for a Q4]
Phonographic: Buri: $1000 for the most godlike Noir Style stick art I have seen
MysteriousJ: $114 Buri wallpaper offer
MysteriousJ: $35 Isavulpes wallpaper offer
MysteriousJ: JohZho: $60 [help adapt skullgirls logo for stick art]
Khalcorp/TailsWorld1: opt4shenanigans: $30/$10 [help with cheesiest image]
Verdant Brave: [BillyBones: $100 for header art]
Nearo: [BillyBones: $50 for screwattack sketches (Lauren as Annie)]
Klaww: [BillyBones: $50 for screwattack sketches (Bryan as Cerebella)]
madman: Carnyth $600 skullgirls figure
madman: Carnyth $600 skullgirls figure
phonographic: Fox pocket $180 homura/modoka stick art
Phonographic: MVKM: $160 Six Sided Symbol stick

Top Bounty Hunters:
$1812 Phonographic
$1600 Madman
$410 MysteriousJ
$214 Verdant Brave
$50 Nearo
$50 Klaww
$30 TailsWorld1
$20 Austin_QED
$10 KhalKorp
$10 Buri
$5 Caleb

Top Bounty Posters:
$2100 Carnyth
$1122 Buri
$400 Hood57
$252 Fox Pocket
$206 Citrustang
$160 MVKM
$50 Isavulpes
$40 opt4shenanigans
$20 Fracassio

Yay! I was so scared that I’d lose by just $20 bucks.

Will people find this though? I hope so…

EDIT: In the event the website doesn’t get back up in time for the bounty posters to choose their hunters, what happens to the open bounties, then? ;__;

That Metal Gear Rising TE art is still up for grabs, Verdant Brave said they couldn’t do it.

Hopefully word gets out through the IRC. if you see some of the people participating (madman, cynyph, mvkm, mysteriousJ) make sure to give them a heads up about it. I’m also trying ot get @Makross to tweet about it from the SH account as well.

Any bounties that are unclaimed but PAID at the end of the IGG will still be on the market. Bounty Hunters are going to have a few days to pick through/fight over them once Skullheart is back up to be fair to everyone and make sure the people that donated get what they want.

My main goal here is to make sure anyone who wants to post a bounty has a place to do so and get some feedback on it so they aren’t discouraged from donating.

OP updated per fox pocket’s update

Roger! I’ve found Carnyth on twitter. Or… more like he found me… xD So I’ll let him know. I’ll also browse the IRC from time to time.

Does anyone have a way to get in contact with madman? I wanted to post a bounty for his work, but wanted to find out about costs and stuff first.

I think your best bet of contacting madman would be thru his tumblr or through Billybones

MysteriousJ here, under an alias I made a while ago so I could check out SRK’s trading outlet. Most of what I wanted to say was in response to other people’s posts, so I guess I don’t have much to say, but I wanted to let Buri and IsaVulpes (I think that was his/her username…) know that I’m working on the Ms. Fortune Noir drawing.

Oh god. More work for Madman?

My old lady heart can’t take the strain! xD works harder to draw more I gotta pull ahead somehow! Warning! Huge art dump ahead!

Here’s the first sketch of Baccano x Skullgirls. (Haha, sorry. I have tons of ideas for how this will work. I just need more hands! More arms!)


Scenario 1: Isaac and Isaac have a catastrophic dimensional-breaking high five. Poses are very tentative, because a lot of the anatomy does work out yet. Also, I haven’t decided which characters should be in the background. Who are your favorites, even? I’m plotting maybe Ennis having tea with Parasoul and Umbrella, Nice bombing with Peacock… etc. I want to throw in Ladd or Claire, maybe…

I might change this to landscape, for more room. This will be 18" x 24".

@MVKM, if he reappears somehow…

I just PM’d you a whole bunch of sample work before Skullheart went down. So… I’ll post it up here just in case you missed it.

Heart Kreuz/Abstractish Theme:


This are kinda my ideas if you want just the symbols, no characters. I can do similar things with the judgement rings. Basically I’ll just slap it in a cool with with a colourful/texture-y background. Feel free to suggest more colours too; I only chose these because you ask for something brown/green/black/dark. xD

Ryudo/Melfice Theme:




<3 You can do so much with six sides! But here’s just the front and back for now. You get the idea, right? Just the two of them doing some cool guy poses. Let me know if you want to change the poses, or if there are any special requests! (I could throw in Skye, maybe?) Side panels will likely be fancy border work, or something like that. I’m also planning on having a scroll-like or old paper texture for the background, to play along with Grandia’s adventure theme.

Selene Theme:


I only have the front for now, but you get the idea. I also managed to throw in a judgement ring. xD

Shadow Hearts Theme:




This will likely be mostly black and white, with some brown to produce a grittier feel. Will have more textures. I’ll probably change the pose too, because Yuri just looks like he has no idea what to do with his hand. There’s also surprise guest Alice for the back panel, but I can remove her, if you want. xD

And that’s a wrap! :I Let me know if you have more ideas or suggestions… or anything really.

I can try his paypal email. You should probably also try him on tumblr.

Hmm… I might take this, but I’m just worried about my extraction skills. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’ve got quite the backlog right now. xD still colouring your Homudoka

EDIT: Wait… didn’t someone else claim this on the Skullheart boards as well? I’m not really sure, and I can’t check right now. xD

Also, do you still have the picture? ;__; I forgot that I can’t go back to grab it right now

Tailsworld1 had indicated some interest on this one, as well as fear that the konami cops would get him. But, I haven’t heard anything from him in a while.

Both characters from this image.

Background and effects are up to you.

The love <3

Okay. Well, if Tails doesn’t mind, I’m going to join in too. Thanks for the pic!

::sigh:: looks like I’m making a tumblr account. The things you make me do Skullgirls!

edit: and of course someone already has Hood57. REALLY TUMBLR?

Before I forget, one of the most important things I managed to get from SH before the crash: the following were suggested for Parasoul’s plate in the picnic scene:

Verdant Brave “Spotted Dick”

IsaVulpes "Just put an Annie doll on it, she keeps her most beloved plushie close. "

Hood57 "She is a princess so I’d imagine whatever food it was would have a great deal of preparation involved and done by someone else.

You could do a shoutout to frutsi and draw a Mike Z sandwich there (especially since she’ll never get to eat it.) "

Standings are updated because Vad had a better backup because he is an amazing ruler of SH. All the open bounties are pretty self explanatory save two: carnyth’s, but you can just message him in the thread, and MVKM’s which I’ve included below for anyone that missed it (though I think phonographic is already neck deep in it and I really doubt he will refuse her gdlk work):


I believe he is here on SRK as well, but if you have trouble finding him PSN is: MelficeVKM