Win a FREE custom arcade stick from


In the spirit of Christmas :wink: i’d like to announce that and joined our generous hands and will be giving away a free full custom arcadestick made by Shadaloo. And you get to design it!

The stick will be worth up to 250 euro (around $340 !) and will also have free shipping, worldwide!
The exact details will be announced on the Shadaloo and Eventhubs frontpage in the next few days.

Just make an account on both sites to be ready to start the contest :cool:

BTW, if you get “invalid token” while registering, try deleting your cookies and restart the browser and make sure that cookies in the browser are enabled. That should solve it.


I’m there!


??? What do you mean?


I just registered on both sites, So do I need to check back in on the forums in order to see more about the details?


Sorry! It was meant to emphasize how much I’m entering this competition! Of course I haven’t actually won lol…


Ive entered goodluck to me! well and everyone else too haha, Hope i win though i need a new one D:
Also, I’m sure the details will be available for viewing once you can click the ‘‘contest’’ tab(image) on the right


Definitely entering!


I got redirected to a blank page with the word “invalid token” while registering on your site. :sad:


I registered on shadaloo before this started. Am I still in this?

edit: Nvm, read the post again. :confused: At least I got the first step out.


Bam. Regged for both. Thanks for the contest :slight_smile:


I’ll check into that asap. Did the registration succeed before the error?
I’ll get back to you on this.

You’re more than welcome.


Can’t wait :woot:


Registered to both. Thanks for the contest and I’m looking forward for it.



It’s only gonna be one winner out of this contest or a selected few?! Like everyone here registered for both :cool:


There is eventually gonna be one winner. The details will probably be posted tomorrow but one of the rules to enter is to register to both sites. No second prices on in this contest.


I signed up for both, It would be awesome to win this!


I own a stick (unfinished) from and its really nice! it would be awesome to win this and get one for player 2


Nice to see members of the community getting into the christmas spirit :slight_smile: I’ll look into this when I get home.
<edit> Invalid Token on the Shadawloo site :[


Same problem here with the invalid token :frowning:


huh, i can’t access the shadaloo sight