Yo yo! Whats up SRK? We are running a contest on iPW where you can win a sealed copy of Tekken 6 for Xbox360! It’s called the “New Challenger” contest where you get to create your own fighting game character for a chance to win!

To enter, just post up in this thread on iPlayWinner!

The deadline is Nov. 13th so I’m giving you guys two weeks to pump something out. Hit me up with any questions before then! GOOD LUCK!

Is this open to Canadians too?

Xbox360 version or PS3?

It’s open to everyone. The game is for 360.

360? Pass.

I had a great idea too, a no-brainer if you think outside the “box” heh

lol @ Winrar Man

Sounds interesting

I might enter. Gonna scan some sketches I did couple months back.

i would make a female character made only of boobs and vaginas. She would be the most popular character of all time, and be in several hentai doujin comics.