Win = Loss in ranked match

I encountered a bug in ranked match last night. I won my match, but it recorded as a loss, dropping my rating and showing as a loss on my record. After I won my next match, my rating was restored to its original rank (which shouldn’t have happened because my opponent was not worth that many rating points), but the loss remained on my record.
Here is the video of what happened. You can view it in high quality to better make out the numbers.

To recap:
Original rating 4546/record 189-42
After winning first game = rating 4528/record 189-43
After winning second game = rating 4546/record 190-43

This could explain a problem that Fifth n someBUD was encountering. He was saying disconnects were counting as losses for him. [media=youtube]bBxVKeKlxT0"[/media] because drops should equal a win for the person that stays. Maybe he was winning, but it was recording as losses.

ya its a messed up system. Last time I played I lost like 2 but it recorded it as like 4 or 5 losses for some reason

I knew I really hadnt lost that many times. Im not crazy

I knew it was screwed up. The first night after the patch I got a win and a loss after someone quit early.

Why is it so hard for these game developers to make a functioning ranking system?

Dude… the whole thing is bunk. It is never going to be fixed.

There were many aspects of project that I feel were very wrong if they wanted insure its place as a long term fighter. I am happy they added adjusted some piece of the character design pieces. But, the game play systems needs to work first and foremost.

My thoughts:

Basically, I already tested it on PSN by keeping track of the number of disconnects over each period of scoreboard refreshes. The number of losses I received was almost always half the number of disconnects. I thought Live was supposed to be more accurate but no surprise there that it seems random either way.

I was looking at the stats site just now, and I noticed there is a discrepancy between your official win/loss ratio (which is listed next to your rank and reflects what’s on the leaderboard) and the second line win/loss ratio, which is next to your rating on the stats site.

My theory is the first w/l is your record factoring in disconnects. The second w/l ratio is your record in matches that have completed. If that theory is true, disconnects have credited me with 22 wins and 2 losses. I’m guessing one of the losses is the match that I won and took a video of at the beginning of this thread.

If I look at Fifth n someBUD, who was complaining he was getting credited with losses that didn’t occur, disconnects gave him 35 wins and 11 losses in 348 games. So if the disconnects are a little screwy, it shouldn’t have a major impact on your overall record, especially if you go to the stats site to see what the real record is minus disconnects. Considering Fifth is currently ranked #3, I think he’s doing alright.

Yeah, pre patch I would sometimes get a loss if my opponent disconnected, now I havent gotten a loss since the patch due to a dropper. I only have like 30 or so ranked matches in though under the new system, at around 100 I should have a better feel for how it working out.

Silly question: does anyone know how accurately your game reports to you the difference between being randomly booted and having your opponent quit on you? Maybe it works properly on XBL, but I’m on PSN and I have serious doubts.

Regardless of which message I get, it seems that there is still a chance that it will count as a loss for me whenever a ranked game gets interrupted. I think I’ve had one count as a win, too.

I’m not even sure how the system works. I had no rating last week then when I logged on the other day it said I had a 3550 rating and was ranked 39th for the week.

I got the bug again. [media=youtube]_wH5JGgNmJU"[/media]. Only noticed it twice out of ~85 losses, so it’s not an epidemic, but a bummer when it does happen.

I remember when this was discussed a few months ago in this forum, about how disconnects go to xbox or psn’s arbitrating system, and it was revealed that sometimes they get it wrong.

Sometimes they get it wrong, and as you’ve pointed out, it is generally correct.

I knew I wasn’t going crazy. Leaderboard has me down for 13 loses but I know I only lost 10 times. Most were to Akumas and 2/3 to Claw. I main Gief.

Yup, I still get losses from droppers, had a whole night of droppers and runaway Kuma’s (who would drop if I managed to break through the wall of broken).:arazz:

And check, ranked is still lame.:annoy: