Win/Loss ratio

Was inspired by the W/L thread, but frustrated that people still seem to want to gather statistical information in typed form, which is difficult to understand/summarise. Polls with built-in charts are a standard feature of the board, so why not use them wherever possible?

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Tend to hover around 50%, though it feels more like 10% sometimes. :expressionless:

Sitting on 58 percent. Would be higher if I didn’t jump around to different characters pretty much daily. :lol:

How do you tell?

Though it feels like about 70%… and that’s because people online for the most part love to eat my anti-airs

Stuck in low 70s. Ranked is a little lower…68 maybe?

88% baby, and 100% in ranked but I only played 14 matches cause I don’t really care about ranked matches.

91%. Though most of those are scrub wins.

I have about 58% on El Fuerte and 33% on Ibuki (Still learning her) according to Player Data.

Player records -> Network vs progress

It says 61.56% for me, but I’m sure it was higher before I started going after that C shining C trophy.


Again, scrub wins mostly. Would be a lot lower if all my competition were good players.

My first fighting game so I expected it…

54% with hakan.

95% with zangeif.

overall 65%, i play much more with hakan.

80% overall

I’d have to check my characters actual % stats, though–since I use Gen, Guile, Sakura, Cody, Juri, and Cammy sparingly.

164 fights.
74 wins.

45.12% win rate.

Just under 65% last time I checked. Major improvement from my 20% win ratio on vanilla.

71% overall and 86% in ranked with Akuma.

80% Vega

man people rage quit alot today i decide to play ranked matches because i have not played it in a while, trying juri and i got 5 rage quit when ever am winner or during ultra animation

people thinking point manner n i can whip them with almost any character


My main is M. Bison. I’m pretty new to fighting games and very new to playing on a stick. I have trouble against fireball characters and I end up just turtling :frowning: Working on improving every day though.

86% on ranked (200 fights)
70% overall (2200 fights)

I just play endless/team at the start, and when I am on the mood I play ranked. Sometimes I lose 0-15 on endless against decent players :expressionless:

93 - 94% ish (1200 or so ranked matches played).