Win or Die - Pick a Character


It’s just a game.

Sometimes, it involves money. That’s enough for some people to actually put aside a more “personal” choice and go with whoever they think is the top character.

But what if we took it to an extreme?

Imagine for a second you have one match, and one match only in one week. If you lose that match, you die.
You don’t know who the opponent is, or which character he’s gonna use.

What character do you pick, right now, one week before?
Pertinent question? Maybe not. I’m just a curious guy.



It’s only when we lose everything that we’re free to shoryuken anything.


Mah Ibuki,she will save ma ass,or I’ll take her down with me


So much loyalty and poetry.

I don’t think anyone will ever take such a “life/death” question seriously, huh? :smiley:
Oh well… The intention was good.




Seth. I already know how to play him, so I could spend the time looking up set-ups and fine-tune my execution and such.


One match, like a single game ? ft3 ? ft5 ?

The number of games would really modify my choice between Mak or Viper.


My nigga Dudley, if I’m gonna go down I’m gonna go down with dignity.


Fei long. Game of Death. Ya lose ya die. Ya win, die by aspirin. Time to get nuts.




Nice Sword Art Online plot…


Lol? Not holding dearly to life huh




slow clap


Hey! A fight to the death seems very interesting, at least it won’t be boring lol

Edit: But if we’re talking top tier wise…Cammy.


1 match. 2 rounds.

I’m enjoying most answers that go towards the top tier character. That was my point. To distil which of the assumed top tier characters would be the most “nerve-wrecking”-proof character. Which of the strongest characters is more prone to failure when you can’t stop thinking about how every mistake you make in the match will lead to your life being over.

And which one isn’t, or at least: is less affected by anxiety.

My choice would go towards Abel. I thought about Cammy, but if I had to face an infiltration-level opponent, I’d need a very brutal guessing game on my side*. Very 1 or 0.
Reasoning: [details=Spoiler]Mostly related to what I mentioned in my other article about guessing games: Abel profits greatly from each of his guesses. And he doesn’t require great execution, apart from a single 1 frame link that even I pull off on my pad. Which, might I add, is not necessary to win with him. My game plan for a life/death situation: keep it as simple as possible. How simple?, Chain-able, has good range and sets up f+mk which leads into another relatively neutral situation where I can attempt a throw, which is also extremely simple.

Projectile characters won’t zone me (with projectiles, at least). My major issue would be Cammy/Rufus/Seth/Akuma/Ibuki, I believe. Those 6 are brutal because they force me to guess, and I don’t wanna have to guess when I’m already sweating bullets.

Both of his ultras are useful depending on the matchup. His is a brilliant anti-air and can be cancelled into roll on hit to leave the corner if trapped. His EX CoD is a great anti-air as well. 3 bars give him armor combo into ultra. If blocked, he has the frame advantage and is a true blockstring afterwards. Overall, I believe he’s not the best character in the game, but he’s undoubtedly the best if you just want to keep it simple and still win. Most people would play defensive in a matter of life or death, not abare, since they know a badly-placed DP would spell their doom. Hence a good idea to pick a character that can be played defensively, but when up close forces your opponent to stop blocking because he’s scared of getting command thrown.

Did I mention the ridiculously good overhead Abel has in Which combos from cr.lp without any effort whatsoever.[/details]
*Where no matter my choice, the negative repercussions are kept to a minimum


If its online I pick blanka.


Gouken. Wall of hadokens. You try to cancel them with your own, fierce rush palm. Jump in? High counter more hadokens


Dan, I will win the psychological war by making my opponent know I fear nothing.

I’ll probably die.


on the other hand …don’t be afraid to live…find solace within MU…the nothingness is by far the the most certain destination in the known universe…


or you will have lived in futility afraid to walk the path unknown to most