Win xp question

My laptop’s keyboard no longer recognizes when I push certain letters, so I can’t enter my password to gain access to Windows…is it possible to boot to safe mode, plug in a usb keyboard, and use that as the keyboard from there on in, or does windows need to be in regular mode to install new plug and play usb items?

You could just try and boot windows normally and use the USB keyboard regardless, windows may still see it

That I could…I was really hoping someone had a definite answer either way so if windows xp won’t install new usb devices in safe mode, I won’t have wasted any money finding out the hard way.

It will work in safe mode.

If you plug in a USB KB at the login screen, Xp will detect it and load the drivers. You won’t see anything on the screen, but you’ll probably hear the HDD working away. It might take a few seconds, but give it time and it will work.

You don’t have to be in safe mode either. It will work in either mode.

Sweet, thanks guys. I love this laptop…and it has Everything vs Everything on it, as well as being my ONLY entertainment during my upcoming trip to Quincy in July, and I REALLY would hate to have needed to install a new keyboard pad on the sucker…I can do it, but still. Maybe I should put the screws back in now that I know it’s not necessary…

Make sure you get a HID complaint keyboard, it will be automatically detected and loaded. In short no need for safe mode, or anything, especially if you have mouse access.

Also an alternative, should be in Windows home, however I speak from Windows XP Pro.

Start - Accessories - Accessibility - On Screen Keyboard. You can use that as a normal keyboard, annoying but useful and free.

However almost any modernish USB keyboard is HID compliant, so you should be fine, buy a cheap usb keyboard and test it, seen 10-20 bucks in the bargain bin at Best Buy, or Fry’s or whatever is convenient for you.

Your laptop keyboard probably burned out/fryed out. Whether the connector on the motherboard or that thin wire connecting it.