Win10, MC TE1, USB game controller diag, no left analog?

I was playing SFV and had some issues on my Mad Catz TE original 360 stick where up right and down right weren’t picking up.
I also did notice a few occasions holding left and releasing to neutral that I would still walk back 1-2 steps.
It was fine for the week I was using it. I vaguely recall some stories about TE’s having some pcb issues way back.
So when in usb game controller diag, if stick set to left analog it doesnt show anything on the POV hat, nothing to let me know its working. If set to dpad then it shows ok.

So any ideas on how to trouble shoot? I have a custom DC Agetec with a JLF and xb1 pcb in it. I could swap the jlf pcb and see if that fixes it.
Otherwise I could either just rewire and ignore the original 360 pcb and put an xb1 mini controller in as I have a spare.
Or try the dual mod, which seems pointless if its giving me trouble already.

Messing around in Training it seems ok. But once I go to Ranked or lobby w/ a friend it starts to act up again.
Holding up+right as hard as I can, clearly hearing the switch activate, I still jump straight up.

Xbox 360 sticks don’t always like to report back on Left Analog in windows

Ill have to confirm but I know I used to use it to confirm all my soldering, even on some Rock band/guitar hero mods. Everything used to show up.