Windjammer players, unite!

Man, during my break me and shadowcharlie were doing our usual “let’s play games on the laptop to save money” routine when I came around this game that I hadn’t played for ages. It was an instant hit with everyone that saw it.

It’s like extreme frisbee/airhockey/soccer. The game has a really fast pace, and it seemed to be designed to snatch your quarters away in your arcade quickly.

Any other players here who’ve played it before? If you guys haven’t, you can do a search on it and you might find it one way or the other.

this game is crack in the flesh

spain. top tier. whore them.

jammer tourney today…!

I saw no such tourney. Could it be because you were afraid of Italy’s prowess?

Bah. We were only delayed by my sleepiness and lack of getting everyone together.

We’ll try to do something Friday, hopefully.

Dude, this game is fucking intense, lol

Damn skippy. One day there will be match vids, just you wait!