Windows 10 XBox Streaming App - FightStick Support Thread

While I see no real practical reason to use the Windows 10 Streaming app to actually play a fighting game (more lag, video compression, etc.), I was impressed by the quality of the app, especially when set to “Very High” quality on a wired network. The one real major problem I’ve run into so far: lack of unofficial XBox controller (FightStick) support.

So far I have tried both the MadCatz TE2 (PS4 and XB1 versions) and a 360 MadCatz TE R1 (modded w TEKitty) and so far none of these will work (in any of their modes) with the Windows 10 Xbox One streaming app. I’m not crying or anything because I can just go play on the console directly, but I’m curious to see which FightSticks work with the Xbox streaming app. I saw a video of a guy who got KI Streaming to work using a Qanba stick, and I’m almost convinced that Qanba’s complete (illegal) spoofing of the Xbox 360 controller’s PCB, or a padhack using an XB1/360 PCB is all that will work right now because there’s a detection routine in the app checking for “real” Xbox controllers. At this point, everything but a Xbox controller (360, XB1, or something that appears to the PC as such) bounces back a message: “This PC isn’t connected to an Xbox controller. Attach one and try again.”

If anyone else is playing around with this, please share your results here. It’d be appreciated if only for the knowledge.

Not to be that guy but wouldn’t streaming the game over network be pretty laggy?

It has more lag than just playing on the console for sure - but I was actually really surprised at how playable it is. It’s not much different than playing on a HDTV with 2-3 frames of display lag. I was very impressed with the unlockable “Very High” quality mode, which streams in 1080p, so you get as sharp an image as is possible. The FPS also holds very solid for a stream with next to no noticeable blockiness for me even with fast moving images. I am running it on a wired Gigabit network so it has plenty of bandwidth, but the most the Very High quality stream has required of the network is something like 25mbps at peak.

Basically, you could play a game like this as if you were playing on a big screen HDTV with some display lag with an occasional framerate hiccup. Don’t know why you’d want to handicap yourself 30-50ms of lag, but if someone else took over the main TV of your house, you could get some remote XBox gaming in on the side using your PC like this without giving up too much.

it’s not just the streaming app that doesn’t recognize the TE2, the OS won’t recognize it PERIOD. The only way to do that is to use the driver for the xbox one pad released last year… the os recognizes it, but the trigger buttons are still hosed. doesn’t matter, the streaming app won’t recognize it anyway.

The New Win 10 Xbox App only recognizes Microsoft brand and Microsoft approved Xbox controllers

Another idea I had, if fighters are all binary inputs couldn’t you just use xpadder? I’m sure it will support keyboards.

Not going to work, MS is locking out alot of controllers with the Xbox APP on Win 10
Only 1st party Xbox and approve controllers will work

even legitimate licensed game pads that works on Xbox 360 and Xbox One may not work

They’d lock out the keyboard? That’s a first.

Keyboard and mouse still works

So far Qanba Sticks - which are kinda the only “big name” unlicensed controllers - are the only ones that work with the Xbox App on Win 10. So the app locks out all their licensed partners peripherals, but not the Qanba guys who said FU to licensing fees and just hacked their security chip - lol.