Windows 7 32 bit not reading arcade sticks properly

Hi, an hour ago I just got a HRAP v3sa (PS3 version.) It is a truly amazing arcade stick, tonnes better than my old round 2 te. Although I bought it for ps3, and that is indeed what I’m mainly using it for I also want to play ssfiv ae, and mame with it. I heard Hori stuff is extremely compatible with pcs to the point where you just plug and play, which is wrong. I plugged it into my old computer I bought in 2002 (Still running 7 anyway) and the button config is waaay off. If i remember correctly (left to right top to bottom) the layout was 1 4 6 8 then fill in the last 4 with random numbers, select was 9 and start was 10.

I though this might be a shitty windows copy or something along those lines so I went on my other computer with a brand new legit copy. Same problem. On my ps3 it works fine though. Exact same case (or at least similar) with my modded mayflash (drivers or not.) Difference being on my mayflash the controls are proper (I switched the l1 and l2 out with square and x and shifted everything right left once.) It looks fine on paper, and the computer reads it like it’s supposed to, but when I try to remap the controls contradict themselves so there’s no point. For instance I’ll get the proper row proper as in 5678 (mayflash has it backwards) and the as soon as i put the 2nd button on the bottom row 5 and 6 will suddenly be 1 and 8 or something rediculous like that. And once again it works perfectly on ps3.

Mame is double whammy with both sticks as well. It will take 6785 for the top row and turn it into 4012 (Only happened once) or the more usual 1352. And when I play sf2 or any of them for that matter only one button is disabled. It will end up being like lk hp hk nothing lp mp mk kkk.

Can anyone help me with this? I really love to pc game and I’m held back like crazy right now.


From what I hear ps3 sticks are plagued with issues when it comes to using them on PC’s. I don’t know if this is true in all cases for all sticks. I myself only own 360 TEs.

Also, Mame isn’t the best emulator for old fighters. FinalBurn and GGPO have easier interfaces and you can map the buttons however you like.

Okay. Problem being Although not advertized SRK folks say the v3 sa (ps3 version) work perfectly with windows. And the mayflash exclusively supports it, and A long time ago it did in fact work perfectly. There has to be a fix for this out there somewhere.

When SRK mentions Plug and Play, we mean about Drivers.
We do not mean about Button Mapping.

I don’t know what you are typing, but Controllers from different companies use different layout from each other.
On PC, Mad Catz TE has different mapping from Mad Catz #4716 Controller.
On PC, Cthulhu of Toodles has different mapping from Dual Strike.
On PC, HORI has different mapping from Mad Catz.

There is no standard.

Oh ok then. So i have to remap it in games individually?

You have to do this regardless. The PC version of AE seems to be really good at auto mapping, but emulators are a different story. You must map your stick in emulators. I always have to fight with MAME, which is why i don’t use it.

If you want a universal layout for multiple devices you can use joy2key.

Oh okay I was never aware of this.

Tried that with my mayflash and no matter what i put in it could be any combination the result as always the same.

Okay thanks folks, Never new about all these things kind of figured Pcs read them in a different fashion.