Windows 7 Drivers for TE Fightstick

I have already searched the forums and used Google but haven’t found an answer.
I tried using XBCD and the Microsoft Common Controller driver.
XBCD doesn’t work and for some reason the Microsoft Common Controller tells me I don’t have enough space even though I do.
When I plug in my TE Fightstick the buttons work and the stick works in D-Pad mode but it doesn’t work in left stick or right stick mode.
Does anyone have a driver that works?
I also tried using my stick on my other computer that runs XP and it didn’t work either.


i dont recall mine ever working in RS/LS mode, only in D-pad. but thats all i needed so i never worried about it.

I was on Vista before, and Win7 now.

That guy got his to work in LS and RS mode and he said he used the Microsoft Common Controller.

For some reason when I try installing it I get “Not enough storage is available to process this command”

I’ve Googled it and they said to increase the IRPStackSize and I’ve tried that and it still doesn’t work.

Any help is appreciated

im curious, why do you need the LS and RS functions to work?

Don’t really care for RS to work but I need LS to work to play Touhou games.
Also I would just like full functionality for something I paid for.

There is a known problem with the TE not working with certain USB port chipsets. I believe it is the Intel chipset that it has problems with. My TE won’t work on my computer either but it will work just fine on my Dell laptops.

oh ok.

well technically its not sold for PC use. it doesnt specify PC as a platform when you buy it, its just an added bonus that it does work with windows.

Gah… Is there a planned fix for it?

Actually anything that passes certification to work with the 360 is suppose to work with PCs. It’s not a considered a bonus.

Well as much as I know this isn’t the best situation, perhaps you could find a work-around to get the D-Pad setting to work with Touhou? Perhaps D-Padder?

Again, I know it doesn’t solve the main problem at hand, but at least we could get you playing what you want to play.

Googled D-Padder and couldn’t find anything.
If you can link me that’d be great.

Correction, it only works with Intel chipsets or similar using the Intel USB controller standard (UHCI).

So my laptop runs on the Intel Chipset so how would I go about making my stick have full functionality?