I got 2 pcs, one with Vista and one with 7. Vista plays GGPO Final Burn Alpha perfectly and 7 runs horrible!

On win 7 I get frameskipping / frame crashing / choppyness / generally gayed frames.
Vista its perfect.

What I tried so far…

[]Updating video drivers
]Uninstalling, reinstalling ggpo
[]Upping / downing the sound quality settings on FBA and my hardware
]Turning off ‘visual’ themes for ggpofba.exe
[*]Running ggpofba.exe on compatibility mode for all OSs

NOTHING WORKS! Anyone else got problems with Windows 7 + emulation like this?

Here’s my GGPOFba.ini config file thats on DX7 mode if its of any use:

Please help me fix this cos it ruins GGPO!! :frowning: I think its a known problem and I didn’t find any fixes… :pray:

windows 7 can run in vista mode did you try that??

Specs of both PCs?

Also, are your drivers updated?

Personally have never had any problem running emulation on Win7.

Runs fine on my Windows 7 Laptop.

What are your PC specs

I’ve had this problem as well. Windows 7 and FBA like to fuck around. A lot. Going full screen helps out a bit but it is annoying to get the frame skipping.

I need to dual boot with XP so I can play all my old games.

Nevermind I got it fixed now amazingly after months of this crap. Found a solution on Neowin where the FBA developers weighed in with some good suggestions.

If anyone has this issue (something similar probably works for other emulators also) try this because to me this definitely fixes it!

Native resolution on my monitor is 1440 x 900. I’m running FBA in DX9 mode, full screen mode, v-sync on with desktop and full screen mode resolutions set at 1280 x 800.

From Neosource: