Windows 7 picky about PCBs and cable?

So I’ve been going through my sticks and cables and I’ve found that my Window 7 64 bit machine seems very picky about my sticks. Some sticks simply aren’t recognized or will connect, disconnect, and connect over and over again. I weird thing though is that sometimes if I use a different USB cord it’s recognized just fine. Then sometimes I stick won’t work then randomly it’ll work later? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

All of them are recognized just fine on my XP machine, and my consoles regardless of cable and stick. Anyone else experiencing this?

Could be the port itself? All sticks I have work on PC (although I did need to install a driver for the 360 ones). Try on other USB ports.

I’ve tried the two ports on the front of my system. I get the same results. Sometimes, though, if I hook up a stick with a different USB (I have them RJ-45 modded) cable it’ll work fine. Yet the cable that gives me trouble on my windows 7 system works just fine on everything else.

I think I’m going to remake those cables.

It maybe your computers chipset. You could try getting a PCI usb card?

Cutting and rewiring an end onto the cable worked for one cable. The other still gives my trouble only on Windows 7. I’ll just have to mark the cable.