Windows 7 x64: SF4 won't launch

I’ve got a new win7 box and it won’t launch sf4. I get the inital spash screen where you can set your controller (fightstick TE), but after that it just never launches the game.

I’m running an I7 920, with an ati 5870 and 12gb of ram. Any ideas? I’ve tried updating the drivers (what I’ve got is the most current) and running in compatability mode for vista and xp, no dice on either.

That’s isn’t normal :S

I use Windows 7 x64 build 7600 (called RTM i think), and i have Phenom X3 and Nvidia 9500gt, and i can play the game very smoothly… Also i only play the game over online win7 because when i try to go into an online match over winxp the game crash and freeze my computer :S and plus runs better on win7 :stuck_out_tongue:

No problems with x64 Windows 7 here either. =(

is this retail copy or stream? Try reinstalling

Same, SFIV runs fine on mine (granted it’s RC1), C2D E7200 and a 9500GT and the game runs fine. IMO, compatibility mode shouldn’t even be considered.

Try reinstalling it, making sure to update everything before putting it back in. Also, check the Task Manager to see if the process runs when you try to run it from the launcher.

It’s a steam copy, I just installed the new drivers today, no dice. I’ll try a reinstall. Thanks

Hmm, I remember having problems with my stream version as well on Windows7 x64 - if I only remembered how I fixed 'em…

I’ll check when I get home from work :wink:


I found the sf4 executable (it’s in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\street fighter iv by default) and tried to run it there. Then I got the all important ‘program cannot run because d3dx something or other is missing’

Blam, directx is the culprit. I install the latest version, and all is ok. Steam is supposed to handle directx updates, but in this case it just wasn’t working out.

Now my problem is: do I have to re-unlock all these characters? copying my save.dat from my xp install doesn’t work.

Steam doesn’t do Directx updates, since the game doesn’t really install the same way as if you ran the installer from the disc.

To make it clear for others who may find this topic…

Steam does NOT update DirectX. Steam could care less what version you have installed.

Games may require a DirectX update, and Steam doesn’t state when DirectX is the problem. If a game from Steam doesn’t work, and just closes, always try to update DirectX first.

The link to the DirectX update is

It’ll get you completely up to date, then if you still can’t run it, then you should start more in depth troubleshooting.

Hi at all!
I have a problem with my TE (Xbox360 version) stick and Windows7 x86, at the moment I have the RC version and when I install the TE’s driver from MS, the so don’t recognize the stick, someone can help me? Thank you very much!!

I’d kill for that PC setup. ATI 5870 … damn.

The ATI 5870 kills about every other card out there, even the Nvidia cards costing 1.5 - 2X as much. I hope you’re playing Crysis in 1900 X 1200 with max effects on to get the full experience out that sumbich.

I7 920 is nice, although I think I’m going for the I7 860, simply because for $300 … there’s no other processor that can touch it.

What the hell you need 12 GB of RAM for?? Are you doing the post-production work for the next Batman flick??