Windows 7 x64 - Slow keyboard input problem

Hi all,
so I’ve been using the keyboard to play ST online for about 12 years. I got 2 pcs, one with Vista and one with Windows 7. The Vista one with my ?5 Kensington keyboard works perfectly. I know this because I have much more control because the key input is fully responsive to my quick hands. I can press the 5 (insert coin button) really fast and you can hear the ding sound exactly as fast as i press the 5 key.

On my Windows 7 machine however, the faster I press the 5 key, actually the less ding sounds I hear. I have tried many different things - reg hacks, reinstalling video drivers, reinstalling usb drivers, keyboard control panel settings, 4 different keyboards, :confused: - nothing works.

Its not a pin problem because im only pressing one button very fast - its some speed issue with doing so and catching each key press.

Its really frustrating! Anyone have any advice or experience with slow key input?

So in notepad if you press A 5 times only 3 show up? It sounded there’s something wrong with your PC like a virus (keyloggers, etc.) that is intercepting the keys.

It’s an idea… but realistically I doubt its a keylogger. I’m talking about tensing up your arm real tight and spazing out on 1 button speeds. In this case, the Windows 7 machine can’t keep up for some reason…

Any other bright ideas?