Windows 8 pre-Beta download

Kyle, close this if it ain’t appropriate but I thought some people might want to try the Windows 8 pre-beta that Microsoft just put out for download

This is explicitly listed as pre-beta on their site though. Might want to reflect that in the title.

Aaah thanks. I’ll update.

so, an alpha?

Let’s call it a Preview instead!

Windows 8?! FML I just bought a new laptop with W7 :eek:

Well, they’re calling a “Developer’s Preview,” but since it’s open to the public, I think that classification is oxymoronic.

I’d say Alpha unless corrected.

I wonder if these releases work post-commercial release…because if it will at LEAST run GGPO without hassle, I might download it, downsize my document partition for Linux, and install this and start dual booting.

“Work post-commercial release”? They’re typically time-bombed, since they’re samplers, really, and Things Change.

It should be pretty backwards-compatible, as usual. :slight_smile:

Man, Microsoft is really motoring along.

Alpha versions never leave the Development studio/ Lab.
This is the version only seen by the development team and maybe a few higher-ups.

Pre-Beta is the correct term. And Microsoft and other companies used the term before.
Pre-Beta refers to a version newer than the Alpha version but not quite to where MS wants for a Beta.

The Pre-Beta is to give 3rd party software developers a chance to get a feel for the new OS and see how programing will go for the new environment.
Programing for a XP computer isn’t the same as a Vista/ WIn 7 Computer, like how Programing for Win ME or 2K is not like programing for XP.
And if Microsoft is right Windows 8 will be different also. Rumor* (key word rumor)* is this supposed to be the Windows OS that natively supports Xbox 360 games as well. Because Microsoft wants the 3rd party software support ready when Windows 8 launches, this gives developers time to work on there software.
A public free Pre-Beta gives this opportunity to smaller or independent programers the same chance as larger corporations. Not just in gaming but in other software Indie developers are out performing/ out pacing there larger corporate counterparts.

With all the bad publicity Microsoft got in the past, especially with Vista. Releasing the Pre-beta publicly is a good idea, it is good PR with 3rd party and the public, and if there any major flaws MS can blame it on the OS being PRE-BETA.

This is a Preview Release. It’s not complete by any stretch of the imagination. You’re correct that it’s there for devs to get a feel for the new aspects. I’ve already started retooling the UI of my companies software product to gel with it. The UI is quite beautiful. All those flat, bold colors. The current design trend of embracing flat spaces of color is a joy to behold, especially for those of us in the UI field that suffered through the ‘lickable’ interface days. :slight_smile:

Just to note though; the rumor of native 360 games is only ever going to be that; a rumor. We’re talking about two 100% different CPU/GPU architectures. With the GPU, you get some leeway since it’s effectively running DX api calls, but you get nothing out of the processor. There isn’t a x86/X64 chip fast enough to run native XBox 360 code (or PS3 for that matter) through an emulation or virtualization layer. Now what you might see is a strategy similar to what Valve did with Portal 2 on the PS3, where you get the Steam version as well. I can see MS allowing you access to the GFW versions of titles (keep in mind the ones that have Windows versions) to compete. But, this is just as much of a rumor as native 360 game support.

Anyway, back to the Win 8 preview:
This public preview strategy worked wonders for MS when they did it with Win7. After the bad publicity with Vista, it helped build consumer confidence in the brand, and led to Win7 being their fastest selling OS in history. I’m sure they’re hoping it does the same thing for Win 8.

I got some preview pics here if anyone is interested

it is pretty much as mistahsnart described, large flat bold colors. It is a simpler looking UI compared to Vista and Win 7 but not under powered ether.
If anything, what I seen you have more power user options than before.

I didn’t put much stock in the Xbox 360 game support, if anything MS might do the option Valve did with Portal 2 on the PS3 and Steam.
Then again Xbox 360 was never a priority with in Microsoft, Microsoft makes more a month on OS and Office sales than they do yearly on all Xbox 360 releases.

Can you have this installed as well as windows 7?

No. This preview doesn’t play well with other Windows installs on the same drive. It wants the entire drive.

This pre-beta build is completely compatible with other Windows builds. However, it does initially want to be the first operating system that loads. You can actually partition your drive (or use an external HDD, or whatever method have you) and install Windows 8 to it and maintain Windows 7 as well as XP, Ubuntu etc. The bootloader is a Metro styled bootloader, but you can configure it to revert back to the Windows 7 styled bootloader or GRUB as well. Recommend at least 30+ GB for this OS.


Plenty of websites available on simple dual-booting methods now.

Sorry about that. I heard it was best to not even try with this release, lest you f-up your production OS. I stand thoroughly corrected.

It’s all good man! The OS is still new, but the info is definitely out there now. I actually agree with you as well-- I wouldn’t recommend installing it over your main OS unless you specifically know what you’re doing and/or want to partition your drive for it as a seperate OS to play with.

The OS itself is pretty cool, innovative, and looks pretty, but it’s pretty barebones in comparision to everything else out there. Don’t expect anything serious from this OS yet, it’s really only for app developers at the moment. Runs fast and clean on any Win 7 compatible PC, but with some bugs here and there.