Windows 95 & Dosbox 0.73

I’m getting a Copy of Windows 95 Upgrade…I just wanna ask is

Will it install in Dosbox 0.73…

Does the Upgrade install over 3.1 or just install it in Dosbox

does virtual pc or vmware not work?

I’m on a PC not on a Mac…I saw oon youtube you can by uppacking CVS

Virtual PC is a better fit. It’s also free and runs on Windows:

Dosbox may work but it’s probably iffy at best.

give Virtualbox (, it’s also free and an open source alternative to Virtual PC. I feel like either of those are going to be a much better fit than DOSbox, means Dosbox is an emulator, instead of a hypervisor like a Virtual Machine

I thought Virtual PC was only for Mac.thanks for the link

you can run dosbox in any version of windows.

I stick with Dosbox…Virtual PC dosn’t run Win 3.1 or 95…Virtualbox is to hard to understand & trying to install 3.1 on it

I’m curious, why do you want to install Windows 3.1 or Windows 95?

I’m only defending Virtual PC since I’ve used it before (not to run Windows 95). This MS link says that it is supported:

play fallout 1 duh

Heh, the guy on the Dosbox page said he wanted to play Sonic CD. It was pointed out that there’s a patch to make it work on XP and that the Sega CD version on an emulator wouldn’t have to load. I’m guessing it’s also for an old game.

I got DOS & win 3.11 to work on Virtual PC…Because I’m running on Vista Basic…I have no CD or Mouse support

what game are u trying to play?
win3.1 needs mouse drivers

I got the mousse to work…Did 3.11 support CD Rom??

what are u trying to run?

Yes. You probably need a CDROM driver loaded in your autoexec.bat or config.sys. I’m an old bastard, but it’s been too long since I played with 3.1. The last 3.1 box I was on didn’t have a CDROM. You had to copy shit to floppies. Try getting a hold of a Windows95/98 boot disk and check out the included files. There’s probably a mscdex or similar that it needs.