Windows Embed Standard and an EeePC 900A

So I was looking at BestBuy today, and they do indeed have the Asus EeePC 900A for only $200. There are two downsides of course: it comes with a solid state drive, and a shitty linux OS. I don’t want to use Linux, but I know that putting XP on a SSD could cause problems because of limited write cycles and the eventual death of flash technology.

So I am considering putting Windows Embed Standard; which is a componetized version of XP designed for modular devices and flash drives. Does anyone have any experience with this OS? Is there anything I should be aware of? Also, how hard would it be to install on this laptop?

I didn’t think Embedded was available to end users. Did someone repackage it and upload it for general use? If I were you I’d look into using nLite. It helps you strip down a standard XP install to just a couple of hundred megabytes. It’s great for getting XP to work like a champ on less than stellar hardware. There’s also a version for Vista which works equally well, but you’d probably want XP on that Eee.

Win XPe is not suitable for end users, i basically had a xp home on my EEEpc, and slippstreamed SP3 and nlite out the unused components. on the 4gb ssd, i trimmed my installation to around 2.5gb. Bought a 4gb SD card and that was it.

as for the “limited write cycles” i wouldn’t worry about that at all.

For the purposes of a netbook, SSD is superior to HDD anyway due to weight and the complete inability to headcrash when dropped due to having no moving parts… The number of write cycles is enough that it should handle about five or six years of abuse, by which time it should be getting replaced anyway.

I agree about the ‘shitty linux OS’ bit though. The default Xandros distro on there is crap, albeit fast-booting. Get some Eeebuntu NBR on there, or if you refuse to use Linux do what a couple of above posters have suggested and nLite the hell out of XP to slim it down a chunk.