Windows Live SSF4AE 2012 Leaderboard updates



more to come…

LLLLLater haterz!


You should work in radio.


Very True, start applying here


How would you even know that place exists?

I just applied, they said all the ~positions~ have been filled by you and ur family.



We lucked out then, especially if this was our competition!


Oh look. A a lagger talking about hakers by being even worse and instead of just making points in seconds he wastes his life. lol.



~Yooour latest Leaderboard update~


I believe in earning the skill. The hackers couldn’t play this game at all.


I think I get it. He’s doing this as part of a mockumentary about a grown man who lives in his parents’ basement and derives his self-worth from lag switching his way up the rankings in AE PC. He’s going for that shock and pity angle.


The only ‘parent’s’ basement I live in is your mom’s. I fuck her in the butt over the kitchen table while ur dad’s at work.

The only ‘angle’ I work is the ButtholeSlam on your whale of a matriarch.


This is getting old really quick. Tone the trolling and mom fucking posts down.