Windows Mdeia Sharing : How to disable the 'virtual' folders?

I’m running Windows 7, and have a number of media files stored in the appropriate Library. My PS3s and networked Blu-Ray players all see the libraries just fine and play everything just fine.

What’s annoying me is the virtual folders that I have to hop through to get to the damn files in the first place. On the game consoles or blu-ray, I can select the host (‘ROSWELL’), and I then have to select which library to access (‘Videos’), and then I get an assortment of folders to choose from that don’t actually exist, such as Rating, Favorites, Series, Actors, and miscellaneous other options to choose from so the library will be sorted however I like. That selection is a pain in the ass, because I then have to choose ‘Folders’ and wade down to the one I want to watch.

I want to disable this feature so it will go straight to folders, and let me keep the stuff organized how I already have it organized in directories. I can’t find any information on how to do this though. If you have any insight, please post up.