Windows Vista 64-bit work with MAME and GGPO?

I’m planning on purchasing this machine: HP Elite m9250f and I was wondering since it will have 4 gigs of RAM installed and also have the Vista 64-bit OS if it will have any incompatibilities when trying to play MAME, FBA and GGPO?


All those emulators are working flawlessly for me, runing Vista Ultimate x64 with 4gb of RAM as well.

they will work fine on it. but that computer is dreadfully overpriced for what it is…

Agreed, no PCI-e 16x slots means no Video Card upgrades, built in video would be enough for those emu but would certainly be a problem if you want to run PC specific games, specially newer titles.

Plus it’s a HP. Why people pay money for HP systems is beyond me.

I’m not sure about the price thing. It does have a ton of features that I like. Any suggestions on what would be a comparable machine that does all that the HP does for less?

BTW, I’m not interested in high-end PC gaming, just some old school games like SF and other MAME games. I’ll use my 360 or PS3 for other games.

I just like the media center features and the Quad core horsepower for running CS3.


the price is way high. you could build it for less than 800(guesstamated)
im sure if you pay somebody on srk they could build the computer for you. but all retailers like HP always have high prices.

They work, although for some reason in my computer they look like ass compared to XP.

That PC has one PCI-Express x16 port. It has an 8600GT in it. It says “slots available” meaning empty slots besides the one that has the video card in it. I don’t think Nvidia makes a chipset with an 8600GT onboard video.

You’re right, I didn’t pay that much attention to it since I was at work doing a lot of stuff while checking the page, it’s still a bit overpriced though.