Windows XP automatic update help

Every single automatic update is never installed.

It was doing ok before SP3, but now it is the same thing, the updates are downladed, then the ballon/yellow shield “click here to install” appears, then I click advance, tried express or manually, then at the end of the process, a popup window appears and says “the following updates were not installed”.

Then I click ok, and it prompt again to download again, and if I never rejecte marking “do not tell me about these updates again”, it will download and fails to install, then again… forever and ever.

How do I fix that?

Thanks in advance!

What error do you get if you manually download one of those updates and try to install it directly?

Are you using a licensed version of Windows?

Maybe the drive that you’re trying to download the updates to doesn’t have enough disk space. (this happened to me and I had to make room then everything was fine.)

I see this happen all the time at work, give this a go and hopefully it’ll fix your problem. Do what’s listed in the second posting. It used to be on M$'s support pages but I can’t find it anymore.

This problem mainly happens after a repair installation, but give it a go anyways.

I will probably work. The problem is that I checked the box to not be notified of those updates again, because it is so annoying, otherwise, when the update fails, I’m prompted at almost each 10 seconds to download it again, then 10 seconds later it prompts to install, then 10 seconds later it says the update failed…and again forever and ever.

So I don’t remember which updates I have to install.

Wow, man!

Thanks thanks thanks a lot!

It worked.

Gonna link it again, so others with the same issue can read:

It is all here too: