Windsor Thread 2011

new year, new thread.

keep the scene alive!

Is this a sign that you may still be active in the scene?

Anytime after 12pm, people can show up. (519)567-0720. hopefully I will be up by then.

And Happy New Years!!!

Joe you can come get that stick today if you want 100$ and its yours =]. Also I will of course show up for your next gathering. I am wondering who this special guest of yours is too… It better not be UJ lmao. Happy new years bitches ! P.S London I do really wish you guys would come out to Windsor and play, you guys were cool people; I would like to get to play you again. If u guys play SSF4 on psn add me XxUltimacloudxX.

Happy Newyear everyone:D. I’ll be in windsor soon, and ready for some ssf4 action indeed:D

happy new years hillbillies! anybody wanna throw down some super on 360? im bored

when u comming back kady?


Happy New Year to everyone in Windsor!!! Fighting and bullshit aside, I wish you guys an awesome year of non stop gaming!!!:party::party:

Yeah well, you know that’s just like your opinion, man

Happy 2011 to the Windsor Salt Mine!

I’ll be back on the 8th of January

Hey Kady long time no see. I’ll come when you’re be here. Like to see you again. Hope you’ve been practicing.




World record? Confirm/Deny.


Wow man. Not bad at all. I don’t know about a world record but it’s totally awesome nonetheless.:tup: I’ll try to unlock all my guys and we can play each other. Good job though and get hype for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 next month. I already pre-ordered it.:rofl: The Legend is going to be in the house. Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters XIII, you’re next. Ciao!!

Since when have you ever left your house?

That would be a problem for him to get to anyone elses house, let alone London to show off his uber skillz wouldn’t it?

I’ve been out of my house more times than you spent with your girlfriend.:rofl: Wait, sorry dude.

You guys are coming here or what? Stop fooling around and get here soon. If you guys don’t make it by time Joe leaves, then come to Darren place if he’s interested. I know he’ll make room. Again I’ll come for sure.

If you guys don’t think I’m into Street Fighter, you guys got me wrong. I got toys and figures, soundtracks, posters, t-shirts, bandanas, anime movies and the live action movies, I listen to Street Fighter music on my IPOD all the time and trading cards. I’m REALLY into Street Fighter and I know that one day I’m going to be the best around. I’m not a quitter, I’m a player. Ciao amigos!!

Dude just stop lol. Good god please stop.

Best part was that nobody ever noted that “he didn’t like Street Fighter”. Man seriously that was the funniest post I’ve ever read on srk. You seriously have an Ash Catchum mentality UberJ.