Windsor Thread 2013


alright, lets try to keep the garbage out of the thread this time around LOL.


Garbage = AKA that person who has been shunned by Windsor ? I will not utter the name then if were trying to keep that ‘‘THING’’ out of our thread…lol.
Anyhow HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! what ya’ll been up to ?

Yo RMA did the guys at the U say anything about marvel/sf4 ? and also you back in town yet ?

To Fore yo any luck on finding a place for casuals yet ? perhaps maybe if you cannot make something happen. I may try to see if I can’t get us a place to play some casuals. Oh and thanks for the hat back

To SnakeDoc you workin hard still buddy or what ? tell us whats good bro hopefully we can throw down in some casuals sometime soon!

So what is your new years resolution people ? Mine is to skyrocket my UMVC3 play! as soon as I finally get my hands on a damn copy of the game <,< seriously I’m gunna go ham on that game the second I get it lol. Also I wish to attend at least 1 major this year be it Canada Cup or Yumacon !


yeah i think they said there was a console night on the 18th this month, a couple of guys are going to try to bring some fighters, ill keep you guys posted! Actually, Fore is one of the organizers for that i think!

I just got back to windsor like… 15 minutes ago, hoping to have some marvel action soon!


Well hopefully Fore will chime in on here and let us know the news if sf4 or UMVC3 will be in the tournament. The sooner we get the information the easier it is for us to come down there.


its not a tournament, its just a casuals night i think


Alright boys, after a month a half of working 6 days a week. Its over. And on a better note, I got the next 9 days off. Lets play some fuckin Marvel. Oh and Ray, your hats are nice and safe. And i learned to use Spencers slant assist to continue with Viper. Im ready lol call me tomorrow or post on here when you guys figure out when you wanna do this.


im down for anytimeeeeeee!!!


Word Rma, what days are good for you Ray?


yo guys im defintely down for tommorow ill hit u up snakedoc around 3 or earlier tho i doubt ull be awake till 3 haha but lets get some marvel in tommorow boyz.


Okay so. there’s going to be a gaming night on the 18th at the U, will be from 6pm until midnight. It’s currently called “halo 4 game night” however any game can and likely will be played. That’s basically an open invitation for you guys to come and play some damn fighting games for once. For sure we’ll have AE, KOF13 and VF5 on ps3 and AE, umvc3, doa5, sfxtk on 360. Also would be the super smash games, if people are interested. Any other games, bring it and we’ll play it. If people want to start a little tournament, I can set one up, just everyone give a bit of money and we split the pot 60/30/10. Or we can give a bit to the people organizing the event to support them, and they might better cater to the fighting games later on. Set-ups (console/monitor or tv/extension cord/power bar) are absolutely welcome, and you can play whatever the hell you want on it. Hope to see you guys there

(just copied that from the fb page. there’s an event on fb too if you want to be invited to it. I’m also trying to get a second copy of umvc3 atm but on 360, so not sure if you’d be interested in that or not ray. I haven’t found anywhere for casuals yet, tbh I’ve been swamped with stuff. I’ve been working on an application for the past couple hours now with no sign of being done. If you can help find a place, that’d be ideal. I’m thinking a place that can have around 10 people ideally, to start with)


Fore how many fighting game players do you expect to show up that you know are actually coming ? I don’t really wanna waste my time if no one is even attending they really need to realize that a tournament isn’t likely to happen when they don’t announce that there’s an actual tournament for AE,SFXT or UMVC3. But if i know that some players are coming and will be willing to play in a tourny then I’m more inclined to show up. At the very least I would like to know if at least 5 + guys I havent met before are coming for casuals for SF4 or UMVC3 or SFXT. There’s just no point in coming otherwise. Also as far as setups / giving the organizers money if we get such a thing off the ground. I am not going to support a community that does not support my community in other words if they are not running SF4,SFXT or UMVC3 I’m not really interested in supporting them. Support is a 2 way street and not having a tournament and just hoping we show up and run our own tournament isn’t really showing us any kind of support.

So Fore just let me know if u have a 100% for sure count of at least more than 4 people going other than me to play eighter SF4,SFXT or UMVC3 and if its a good number I will likely show up. Also if u know people who are coming ask them to see if there interested in playing a tournament for money for that you should need at least 8 players though. If there is not 8 players then we could just money match one another.

I know I might be coming off as harsh but I am kinda tired of Windsor not supporting the FGC in any way or form. Even Detroit is able to have weekly’s or monthly’s what makes Windsor soo different ?


Support being giving people a place to play. In the fb group, people bitch about not having a place to play, so here’s a fucking place for once. Amir and yuan will probably go, facca might, brian says he may drop by (unlikely), idk bout janko, or you, or snakedoc, dylan idk if he plays, i’d assume so, owen might, idk. Windsor isn;t very open with it, and people have been very hostile with each other as far as I can tell. I can stop trying to find places for you guys to play and just drop out, but I want windsor to get a scene. Windsor has kept itself very closed off as far as letting new people in. People might try the game. Try to be supportive of people. Do i know who’s coming? no. I just put up that post here and on fb tonight. When people should be sleeping.

So I don’t know who’s coming exactly, be friendly with others, be happy I’m trying to organize something. I can leave it back to what it was, everyone staying in their caves and people bitching about UJ. if people were nice to each other? Might help. Support yourselves first. I’m just trying to help out.


3 possible answers as to why Windsor can’t get a consistent community. At the very least you should at least show up and try to get them to continue hosting. Scenes just dont magically show up by the 10s and 20s…maybe back in the SF4 days but def not now.


The 18th is also the first day of SCR. That could hurt attendance or you could use that to help: promote it as a chance for everyone to watch one of the best tournaments of the year together while getting a few games in.


Again, the night is just an overall gaming night. I’m just suggesting people drop by and play. If you want to watch it, I’m not sure if streams work there or not, we can probably get one or two wired connections that would work. Either way, the main thing is that it’s the first time more than just 2-3 people are going to get together.


My point being is there was never an official tournament announced its just ‘‘hey come play casuals and if people show up maybe well let u run your own tournament’’ with no prior warning other than a whole 9 days for anyone to even bother seeing / going. Like maybe in your area flip they might have a good showing for such a thing. But around here it usually doesn’t end well like this. Also with SCR being on the same day ?? that just makes matters even worse.

Snakedoc u wanna go to this thing and see if its worth while ? if not I will prolly show up on my own. Hopefully Janko shows. Also as for UJ if u haven’t noticed his name is banned around here. And no one would really want him to go so lol… as for dylan owen and whoever else you might now you should really show them this thread and ask them to come here if there serious about fighting games considering we all post here.


who cares if theres a tourney or not, your goal should be to get people to be interested in having tourneys if you’re having trouble finding people. you cant have tourneys if theres no scene, and you can’t have a scene without building it through events/casuals/eventually tourneys


And this is just a casual event, if people show up who are OPEN to others, those that are there just playing halo or whatever else might get interested. I’m saying, if there’s interest, I can run a quick little thing. I mention it as a SIDE thing, since it’s primarily to get together and play. I saw that UJ is banned, and dont really care. I don’t know the full story, but I want to try and get things running -spite free- in windsor. If you don’t want to help grow the scene, then ok. And there’s more people in that group than even come to the forum. If anything, you should move over there. I could’ve just left it be a halo night, but I decided to ask around, push some people and get you guys room. If you want to just spit on me trying to simply get something going, I can just let windsor’s scene stay the way it is. Stagnant and non-existent. There’s another guy in the group that brought Lan Of The Dead who wants a fightscene to flourish here, but he understands if people don’t build a scene, there won’t be anything here.


SPITE FREE U SAY ? have you not seen the spite UJ invites ? if basically pissing off all of Windsor / Toronto / London and almost getting stabbed doesn’t tell you something then I guess you will just have to see for yourself.

I can understand that you got them to decide to put something up for the FGC and that’s cool. Well just have to give it a try and see how it goes if it fails I guess hopping over to Detroit or going to London is the places to go.

and as far as this facebook thing goes where all your FGC buddies post there gimme the link then I guess I’ll start using it.



I know that I’m 97% going to the University thingy mabobber, going to be bringing in my PS3 copies of Ultimate, SFxT, and possibly DOA5 if anyone is up for it (and doesn’t mind if I take roughly 10 minutes to unlock Akira since he’s the only character I even use in this game. XD), along with my TvC stick and converter, might bring Tatsunoko VS CAPCOM as well if anyone cares for that.

Unfortunately, still in the process of convincing my girlfriend and a couple other old-school Windsor FG scene players if they want to come as well. I hope they do come, though they’ve never bothered (nor cared) to play these newer fighters on PS3/360 and only really like the older stuff like Super Turbo, 3rd Strike, MvC2 and CvS2 (especially the latter).

On the subject of Marvel and AE, this will probably be the first time I’ve played either of them in over 5 months. XD