Windy City Showdown Prime, 3/17/2012 Results

Thanks to everybody who declined getting drunk and came out to Nickel City last night. Here are the results of the games:

Street Fighter x Tekken
24 Entrants

  1. Big Marcus (M. Bison x Ogre)
  2. CC OMG Itz Andre (Chun-Li x Julia)
  3. Danke (Guile x Jin)
  4. Kerahime~<3 (Akuma x Juri)
  5. Keits (Kuma x Julia)
  6. American Cyclone (Zangief x Rolento)
  7. Scrimps (Chun-Li x Rufus)
  8. GrantLe (?? x ??)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
16 Entrants

  1. CC OMG Itz Andre (Vergil/Magneto/Wesker)
  2. Sanchaz (Zero/Dante/Sentinel, Wesker/Sentinel/Phoenix)
  3. Keits (Spencer/Wesker/Rocket Raccoon)
  4. Brightside (Spider-Man/Dormammu/Wesker)
  5. Danke (Spencer/Iron Man/Doctor Doom)
  6. Frankie G (Dante/Trish/Dr. Doom)
  7. Heroic Legacy (Super Skrull/Dr. Strange/Wesker, Random/Random/Random)
  8. Dooku (Zero/Sentinel/Dr. Doom)

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v. 2012
13 Entrants

  1. Big Marcus (M. Bison)
  2. Scrimps (Chun-Li)
  3. WLDB (Chun-Li)
  4. ReyArt (El Fuerte)
  5. Curtis (M. Bison, Juri)
  6. Tactics (Ibuki)

Mortal Kombat
9 Entrants

  1. GGA Dizzy (Johnny Cage)
  2. GGA Medina (Reptile, Rain)
  3. GGA Wafflez (Smoke)
  4. GGA Soonk (Kabal)

Full brackets and payouts can be found here:

Sorry if I forgot your character or got it wrong. Please let me know what I forgot and I’ll gladly fill in the details.

Thanks to everyone for coming. Thanks to Medina for streaming. Thanks to Callisto, GrantLe, Domingo, ReyArt, Keranata, Ronaldo, Soufside, and plenty of others for bringing equipment. Thanks to Wafflez, Callisto, and Hero for helping run brackets. Big thanks to Amar and the rest of the Nickel City staff for providing the space, food, and equipment.

Let’s do it again next month.

Looked like fun, wish I could’ve been there. Was there any KOF going on?

There would’ve been if you’d come. Not enough people showed up to run KoF, and I had to give James Jr. the pot bonus since he was the only one who entered.

Kerahime’s second character was Akuma.

Danke’s anchor was Victor von Doom.

I play Waskr.

I’ll try my best to be there next time!

Had fun would do again

By the time this tournament finally happened I was drunk

Cool tourney br0s.



Tournament was great, ran real smooth! We will be able to use more space as well for when we get more people. Lets make the next one bigger and better! Good shit Max and Medina, you 2 are godlike!

Great Tournament… Had loads of fun Ran on time like always and Yo that CHEESE SAUCE! lol


I ran Akuma on point Juri second

No one cares what order you played your characters in that shitty game.


I think your team looks fun. :wink:


top five things:

  1. Umvc3 was started on time. GOOD SHIT T.O.
  2. “sanchaz. You lost to drones”
  3. Playing games at nickel city.
  4. Keits destroying my zero team.
  5. “This guys an airhorn now, adapt to it”

I HAD A LOT OF FUN!!! :). I want to come back next time for steak and shakes, and for that awesome pizza place. I also want to enter street fighter cross tekken.

My friends who have NO KNOWLEDGE in watching fighting games said that street fighter/tekken going to time just looked boring, :(. I had 6 peeps watching the stream and all of them just couldn’t stand timeouts. They prefer the game to have bigger punishes or something that would enforce or reward aggressive play. I’m just the messenger.

[S]Brackets are delayed because the iPad app I usually use to upload them is not working.[/S]

Also, I realized I paid out more money to the top finishers in SFxT than I should have. Oh well.

Whoops, never mind, bracket and payouts have been uploaded, check the original post.