Windy City Showdown Prime, 6/30/12 Results


Thanks to everyone who came out to Nickel City on Sunday. Here are the results of the games:

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v. 2012
28 Entrants

  1. Spriggan (Akuma, Adon)
  2. D-Fly (Rufus, Adon, Fei Long)
  3. Tactics (Ibuki)
  4. MJB (M. Bison, Balrog)
  5. Yanu (Cammy)
  6. MC|Johnny Bananas
  7. RoyalPhlush
  8. NCV (Dhalsim, Sakura)

Points Standings (after 4 tournaments)
29 pts - Spriggan
26 pts - Scrimps
22 pts - Big Marcus
20 pts - Tyler
16 pts - D-Fly, MJB
14 pts - Tactics
10 pts - Yanu
8 pts - BP Amoco
6 pts - Johnny Bananas, WLDB, NCV, ReyArt
4 pts - RoyalPhlush
3 pts - Curtis, Brightside
2 pts - Humbag, Flying V, Trallux, Part2, Dankk, Black Belt Status
1 pt - Ian, Aki, Munn3y, Pandasmshr, Geronimo, Wilimac, Douglas, Conway

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
25 Entrants

  1. TFA.RZR|Frankie G (Vergil/Wesker/Magneto)
  2. Brightside (Spider-Man/Dormammu/Doctor Doom, Dormammu/Doctor Doom/Wesker)
  3. Sanchaz (Zero/Dante/Sentinel, Zero/Sentinel/Phoenix)
  4. Zansam (Nova/Frank West/Rocket Raccoon)
  5. Pdice (Nova/Spencer/Chris)
  6. Danke (Spencer/Iron Man/Doctor Doom)
  7. MC|Johnny Bananas
  8. Snoffles (Vergil/Amaterasu/Wesker)

Points Standings (after 4 tournaments)
36 pts - Brightside
31 pts - Frankie G
18 pts - Sanchaz
11 pts - LeonUltimate
10 pts - OmGiTzAndre
8 pts - Zansam, Danke
7 pts - Heroic Legacy, Zarek
6 pts - Keits, Pdeis
5 pts - Bob Washington
4 pts - Rashad, Johnny Bananas, Snoffles
3 pts - Steel 7, Jerome
2 pts - Delta, Black Belt Status
1 pt - Dooku, GLB, Lesser, Douglas

King of Fighters XIII
14 Entrants

  1. AGE|Mario E
  2. James Jr.
  3. Heroic Legacy
  4. Danke
  5. Duckator
  6. Tolanks
  7. MC|Black Belt Status
  8. SoufSide

Points Standings (after 4 tournaments)
18 pts - Mario E
14 pts - James Jr.
7 pts - Heroic Legacy
4 pts - Danke, Humbag
2 pts - Chain Crush Combo, Duckator, Tolanks
1 pt - Black Belt Status, NCV, SoufSide

Street Fighter x Tekken
8 Entrants (Yeah, I can’t believe it either)

  1. RoyalPhlush
  2. Yanu
  3. MC|Black Belt Status
  4. JChang

Points Standings (after 4 tournaments)
12 pts - Big Marcus
10 pts - OmGiTzAndre, Yanu
8 pts - Danke, Tyler
6 pts - Kerahime~<3, RoyalPhlush
5 pts - JChang
4 pts - Keits, American Cyclone, D-Fly
3 pts - Scrimps
2 pts - Grant, David, Black Belt Status
1 pt - Brightside, Malice, MJB, Doug, Brandon

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
8 Entrants

  1. Heroic Legacy
  2. Delriach
  3. Rising Dragon
  4. Jerome
  5. James Jr.
  6. Brightside
  7. Aki
  8. CurlyW

Points Standings (after 1 tournament)
6 pts - Heroic Legacy
4 pts - Delriach
2 pts - Rising Dragon
1 pt - Jerome

Full brackets and payouts will be posted later when I get the chance to do the whole iPad thing.

Apologies if I forgot your character or team, didn’t know it, or got it wrong. Please let me know what I left out or got incorrect and I’ll gladly fill in the details. Also, if the Blazblue tournament did indeed go down, please post the results in this thread.

Thanks again to everybody for coming. Thanks to Callisto for streaming and upping the equipment for this month (next step: new microphones!). Thanks to everyone who brought systems or equipment, too many people to name individually. Thanks to James, Callisto, Yanu, Frankie, Aki, Noah, and Zansam for running brackets. Big thanks to Amar and the rest of the Nickel City Staff for providing the pot bonuses, as well as the space, food, and equipment. Special thanks to Domingo for chipping in for the pot bonuses as well. HUGE thanks to Brightside for gathering brackets and clipboards, and to James, Zansam, and Yanu for handling payouts when I had to leave early due to an emergency. I’m still sad I had to leave, too. But thanks again to everyone for stepping up and helping me out when I needed it most. It’s like you’ve all grown up. sniff

Anyway, see everyone next month, if not sooner. (Hopefully much sooner)

EDIT: And no, I don’t know what the points are for either.

CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

Wish I could have been there, but the wedding I was at had some crazy food so that was a cool experience too. Lets do well at EVO! (not me, I’ve not been playing, but you guys!)











I think you posted Marvel Winners finals twice.


Fixed, thanks