Windy City Showdown: Team Battles 1 Results (9/15/2011)


Here are the results from the first Windy City Showdown Team Tournament at Galloping Ghost Arcade.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

  1. Red Cyclone: Big Red (T. Hawk) & American Cyclone (Zangief)
  2. Team International: Aki (Zangief) & RobSux (Ibuki)
  3. BP & D: BP Amoco (Zangief) & Darmonde (Rose)
  4. Team Domingo: D-Fly (Fei Long) & Tactics (Ibuki)
  5. [S]Team Evo[/S] Elgin Shadow: Limbo (Cody) & Frankie G (Ryu)
  6. Flying DeeJay: Flying V (Dee Jay) & Heroic Legacy (Oni)
  7. Play & Trade Champions: Get Merkkd (Fei Long) & Kyle (Akuma)
  8. Team Latino: PaNick (Vega) & ReyArt (El Fuerte)

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

  1. [S]Team Evo[/S] Elgin Shadow: Limbo (Wesker/Iron Man/Dormammu) & Frankie G (Wolverine/Dante/Akuma)
  2. BP Ronco: Ronaldo (Wolverine/Dr. Doom/Sentinel) & BP Amoco (She-Hulk/Hulk/Akuma)
  3. MK Is Better: Dizzy (Wesker/Taskmaster/Akuma) & Heroic Legacy (Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix)
  4. Team Why Not: Viewtiful Flash (Viewtiful Joe/Chris/Haggar) & Unliked Cookie (Wesker/Zero/Sentinel)
  5. C&J Truth: James Junior (Wolverine/Sentinel/Akuma) & Chris Cruz (Zero/Tron/Wesker)
  6. Flying Phreak: Flying V (Magneto/Wolverine/Sentinel) & Phreakazoid (Taskmaster/Hulk/Chun-Li)

Mortal Kombat 2011

  1. Nerf Sheeva: Dizzy (Johnny Cage) & Medina (Rain)
  2. Team Low Tier: Delriach (Sindel) & GGA Jeremiah (Sheeva)
  3. Shake & Bake: Metallica (Johnny Cage) & Kasik (Smoke)
  4. M&T Bank: Micaiah (Scorpion) & Terrence (Johnny Cage)

Thanks everybody for coming.

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Our team name was Team Evo? weak


Team “My Opponent Snapped Phoenix In For Me”



BP Ronco haha thats brilliant


I couldn’t think of anything else. Care to suggest a better name?


Elgin Shadow…
Elven Shadow…

I see you what you did there Max.


You’re missing this: