Windy City Wednesdays 1 (formerly Midwest Midweek Midtournament) Results - July 20, 2011

Here are the results of the inaugural Windy City Wednesdays (nee Midwest Midweek Midtournament) singles tournament held at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL on July 20th.

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (29 entrants)

  1. Big Marcus (M. Bison)
  2. D-Fly (Fei Long, Rufus, Ryu)
  3. Nick Pants (Vega)
  4. Scrimps (Chun-Li)
    T-5. BP Amoco (Zangief)
    T-5. Tactics (Ibuki)
    T-7. Rashad Miller (Blanka)
    T-7. Grouchy Business (M. Bison)

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (25 entrants)

  1. Limbo (Wesker/Iron Man/Dormammu, Chris/Haggar/Dormammu)
  2. Brightside (Spider-Man/Dormammu/Wesker)
  3. Heroic Legacy (Wesker/Taskmaster/Spencer, Wesker/Haggar/Chris)
  4. BP Amoco (She-Hulk/Hulk/Akuma)
    T-5. PhreakMods Frankie G (Magneto/Dante/Wesker, Dante/Trish/Doctor Doom)
    T-5. USAF Swamp (Chun-Li/Zero/Dormammu)
    T-7. Tony K. (Magneto/Storm/Sentinel)
    T-7. Dan Jones (X-23/Tron/Wesker)

Mortal Kombat (20 entrants)

  1. 16 bit (Kitana)
  2. Dizzy (Johnny Cage, Kung Lao)
  3. Limbo (Reptile, Johnny Cage)
  4. Heroic Legacy (Cyrax, Sub-Zero, Nightwolf)
    T-5. Delriach (Sindel)
    T-5. Medina (Reptile)
    T-7. D-Fly (Kano, Smoke)
    T-7. GGA Jeremiah (Sheeva)

Brackets and payouts can be found here: [COLOR=#0000cc][/COLOR]

Replays of matches from the stream can be found at Good Games Live’s YouTube channel:

Additional Mortal Kombat coverage of the event is forthcoming at Medina’s MK9 YouTube show:

If I got anything wrong (i.e. forgetting which characters you played in the tournaments), please let me know and I’ll change it.

Thank you all for coming and watching. We’ll do it again in three weeks.

i guess it’s no big deal but i played rufus and ryu as well as smoke in mk


wow pants top 3 in ae, good shit