Windy Gamings Project: Fierce Fightstick


Some of you guys have bought my supergun. I built it for the general arcade enthusiast. What ended up happening was it ended up more in the hands of fighting game players. The pinout I used wasn’t cross compatible with some of the stuff you guys use (and I am working on something for that as well). The next step for me was custom controls. I wanted everything to be high end on this thing.

Well, this is the next part of our line. Project Fierce is a fightsick that has both DB15 ports (for my supergun and neo geo) as well as neutrik usb connector running into a brook universal. A small custom pcb inside runs the db15 and controls the tournament lockout switch.

It has a 15 3/4" (400mm) custom steel enclosure that has been powder coated matte black. The enclosure is fabricated and painted local, right here in Chicago. 10" top to bottom. Designed with the lap player in mind, but has rubber feet so it wont slide everywhere if you are playing on a table.

The back panel has the Neutrik USB connector, the Tournament lockout switch, and the DB15 connector.

All those buttons on top have a purpose too:

I’m finding a lot of big sticks have those extra buttons tucked away on the back/sides of their enclosures and are hard to reach or are hard to use effectively when you want them. This puts everything within a hands reach of the player. There is ample room for your wrists to rest as well during play allowing for comfortable and varying grips and hand positions.

The stick makes its live playable debut at Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend. I’ll be doing a live stream with a local fgc and this thing as well next week. After that they will be made available. It adheres to EVO rules and is tournament legal.

What do you guys think?


Oh- also of note- everything is done in quick connects. so changing buttons/ parts is a quick and easy process.


Interesting you have 3 buttons for PS4 touch control (which is a great idea). I was wondering if this feat was done via having the three buttons share the touchpad wire and the left and right touchpad buttons use the directional wires with the touchpad wire together.

Other than that, it’s good that there’s another unique option in regards to fight sticks (especially from my area). Good luck!


Does it have a mounting universal mounting plate for the joystick that will accommodate other joysticks, namely the LS32?


are you married to the 24mm row? just wondering, but there are a few solutions I can suggest to make it less crowded, and no offense, less silly looking.

if space is your key concern, for non-action heavy functions like share, home, l3/r3, why not go with smaller 12mm-16mm anti-vandal buttons? they usually come in chrome, but there are also anodized colors including black as well. Some even have an LED ring on it, good for home button/player led uses.
there’s also 20mm buttons used in test buttons in cabs and whatnot.

just my 2c’s. if the row of 24’s is a particular look you wanna incorporate as a design choice, then by all means.


Funny you guys mentioning the top row (especially rubanio).

Production model changes of note that you don’t see on the proto pics i posted-

  1. 2 of those top buttons will end up being dropped. the 3 button ps4 touch layout does not perform the way i wanted and i’ll move it down to a 1 button + stick position emulation that is stock on the brook. This will drop that top array line to 6 buttons.

  2. adding a 3 way selector switch to choose crosspad, left stick, or right stick. (will be on the rear)

The big part of the top array is not space it is ease of use. This is a big stick. 10" top to bottom. 15 3/4" left to right. The original design was for 20mm sanwa buttons to go there, but i went with the 24mm because they are easier to get and replace for the customer. Most sticks have the extra buttons tucked in the back or on the sides. I wanted to incorporate an easy way to reach and utilize the buttons that was also comfortable and does not interrupt gameplay. The array lined up with your right hand already and works as a third (but less often used) row. its a quick push to do anything without really looking rather than fumbling. It’s an exercise in function over form (i know the panel is less clean this way). From the testing i’ve done and with the feedback gained from a lot of local players i talked to, it seemed like the easy call to make for usability. I know it’s a little different, but it just simply works. And for when those buttons are needed, it’s faster.


Nice work Windy


IMO, doesn’t look good with that row of buttons on the top.


I would Skip the L3 and R3. I don’t see why they are needed.

And why 3 touch panel buttons?


I use L3 (or LS) to restart SFV training mode on PC. But R3? Dunno.

They are dropping TP to one button

[quote=“WindyGaming, post:6, topic:182438”]

  1. 2 of those top buttons will end up being dropped. the 3 button ps4 touch layout does not perform the way i wanted and i’ll move it down to a 1 button + stick position emulation that is stock on the brook. This will drop that top array line to 6 buttons. /quote]


Sorry for the late reply on this. I was at a convention giving the sticks a live debut and doing some live testing with various players.

the l3r3 do not necessarily have to be used for fighting games. there are other games out there that would necessitate a precision stick that also use these buttons (a couple of modern shmups come to mind). While this is made primarily for fighting games, i wanted it to be as useful for as many games and genres as possible.


I did an interview about the sticks at midwest gaming classic for a ‘beer and games’ style podcast. It may be able to answer some of your questions about it.



“Yeah.yeah…yeah,” “exactly…exactly,” "someone get a hammer."
That guy was kind of a tool. Must have been painful for you. You handled it like a champ :wink:


LOL, what do you expect when you mix alcohol with video hahaha


I’ll bet the guy wasn’t even buzzed while he gave that interview.


haha. truth be told- both of those guys were super nice.

I only posted up the vid because i got some messages about the stick and i thought it could help clarify some of the mystery on this. Im filming the preorder vid tomorrow. so everything should be pretty well spelled out for my plans with this stick sometime next week.


using ks as a preorder vessel. It’s available to whomever wants it!


if this stick has Korean Mounts then i’m all in


its not. :frowning:

…buuuut… i can look at seeing if i can modify my mount for the production model.


65% there after the first week!