Winetka MvC2 Christmas Tourney Results 12/17/05

1st - Chunksta takes home the portable dvd player
2nd - Potter
3rd - Reset

good games to all, pretty decent turnout.

more info will be posted.

top 3, no asians or blacks…

the west coast is a straaaaange plaace.

good shit everybody, hold it down.

it goes get 'em daddy


good shit chunkstar… Fucking finals were fun, even though my execution is shittyballs. Good tourney, good shit. <3

btw, i now an official magneto player hahahahaha

Heard everything went pretty smooth:confused: I had to take care of some business, but I’ll be here next time to play and be the usual service on demand:sweat: can I get a thank you for the portable dvd player prize.

those are the 3 that were expected to get top 3 so no surprise there. but those 3 would place randomly in the top 3 in that tournament on different days.

dan, did you go to this? if so howd you do?

Where were you at man? I haven’t played you in a while. I can see why you don’t play @ ffa, they have like 4 machines and none of them work. Shit is kinda disgusting, haha.

good shit top 3!

I was in LA the whole night. plus I play like once every 2 months so I would be no comp for you. good to see your name up there tho. hope UCLA/family and all that good stuff is goin good man. be easy.

I didn’t get very far in the tournament but the tournament was still fun. A lot of good matches…Julius recorded some of the good matches which hopefully will be out somewhere for download soon. Julius also got far in this tournament and did some crazy shit. I give a lot of props to Chunksta because he did a lot of good shit in and out of the tourney and because he made a great come back with just his Sentinel against me. I will go to the next Winnetka tournament.


GOOD JOB CHUNKSTA, potter and reset, i’ll hopfully be at the next one.

chunkstas gettin it hyphy! retarded yellow bus style all the way:looney:

Nuff said… =]

The tournament had a great turn out. I didn’t get to post the results ASAP, sorry. But Thanks to Danny for the results!

5)Julius / Jaminis
6)Fanatiq / Duc Jr.
7)illan / Woomighty / Mike

Thanks to everyone who made this event happen. We’ll be having another tournament very soon. Hopefully everything will be set 100% with service on demand. I hope we could encourage more people to come down. Thanks to Julius for the video footage. We’ll probably see these matches up in no time. I would like to thank Fun Zone for letting us make this wonderful event happen once again. And lastly, I greatly thank Jose (Chrono) for providing the amazing portable DVD player. Hopefully we could get more outstanding prizes in the near future events.

Remember Winnetka is the new Tournament Hot spot!

joo too mang. Hope everything is well. Og magnus gotta grace cats at the next tournament. I tried using your team (msp), man that team is hard to win with. I dunno how you do it.

Everything wasn’t 100 %?:shake: I’ll see If I can give another big prize away. I’ll be there next time for sure to play in the tourney and make sure everything is working.

But they got hispanics…

Good shit, Chunkstaaaa!!!

Good shit, Potterrrr!!!

Good shit, Nickkkk!!

Yeah, didn’t wanna make anyone from top 3 feel left out. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey good ish to all my bros chunk potts and nick. You guys are the wave of so cal today. i’m flyin back to Cali tomorrow so I’ll see you all at the next one. peace!

Cali still has some bomb ass players. GOOD SHIT! Rich said some of the SD players were suppose to come and i would’ve ran on the freeway just to see this tourney. good shit as always to the cali players.

if you go better hope I don’t show up, strider and spiral want blood!

i went late cause of work and only stayed around till finals were done then went home… i beat chunksta in casual though yeeeeaa!! lol