Wing chun or Jeet Kun f****** Do

the only reason i am doing this is because i have two friends that have separate opinions about the two styles… one believes wing chun is godlike and another belives jeet kun do is unfuckwitable*I wanna see what SRK thinks so in your opinion which fighting style goes harder (most effective in real combat) and why??

Theres a MMA thread that people use to talk about martial arts.

JKD because they use whatever moves are considered effective… whether its stuff that comes from traditional MA or other MA’s.

Not to put down anyone who does Wing Chun… but I haven’t heard anything realistic or good about it personally…

Neither. If you really wanna go hard then do pocket knife fighting.

There are courses all over the country but the best school is Gabriel Selasse’s Knife school (google it).

Some more info/demo here: [media=youtube]5g6gZMOlWEw[/media]

Pocket knife wiki:

It’s probably the re-run schedule of some martial arts flick.

most people haven’t experienced or seen proper JKD, there are loads of examples of wing chun being passed off as JKD, even other arts being passed off as JKD.
I’m tempted to vote WC, because the likely hood of meeting someone that says they do JKD, they are probably overweight, do dim mak and lives in a fantasy world were Bruce Lee visits them in their dreams.

At the end of the day the fighting system means nothing if the fighter cannot properly execute it.

Lastly this thread could be seen as VS thread, which aren’t allowed.

okay okay and all though i didn’t know there was a martial arts thread every 3 months i do apologize but still keep the thread going i would really like to hear what your opinion is on this.

Your friends sound like losers.

I agree with the guy that said knifefighting. Thread close.

This combined with aikido to make you hard to kill like Steven Seagal.

Jeet Kune do can not be compared to another style like that. Jeet kune do is more of a philoshy then it is a fighting style. 2 People can fight complelty different and yet both practice jeet Kune do.

Most people think they practice Jeet Kune do by copying Bruce lees style, but what worked for Bruce might not work for you. Bruce had Long arms and a fast body. The punches and kicks that worked for him might not be the best tools for a bigger guy. And thus a bigger guy that uses wrestling and takedowns because they work for him, would also be Jeet Kune do.

But if you mean to compare “Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun do” VS wing chun… then in that case id say… NO VERSES THREADS!

what a coincidence i just downloaded IP Man,

wing chun is very powerful!!!111111111111

kung fu looks like fight-dancing, i doubt it’s practical at all, unless you’re a master versing a total noob, then it probably doesn’t matter what your style is

wing chun because its OLD SCHOOL. lol. doesnt matter like someone said, if your an incompetent fighter which encompasses sooo many different variables, then you could know every shaolin move in the world, and still get stomped by some random 6 foot tall beast of a man who cuts trees down for a living.

theory fighting when it comes to martial arts is the worst. im sure in theory wing chun has some type of answer for everything, and is as powerful as a greek god, but in reality when some dude who cant even do 20 pullups tries to use it on the street, he will get piled drived through by some seasoned street punk who knows how to throw dem handz.

not assuming your friends are incompetent fighters, but usually that argument between people is notoriously between people who arent even physically, mentally, or emotionally strong enough for such theory fighting to matter. like, look at movies, kung fu fighting looks awesome when its sped up and choreographed, because to be able to use kung fu as it seemingly is to be used, and this is coming from almost 3 years of southern shaolin fist training 4 days a week, and sanshou kickboxing 5 days a week during my high school years, and studied countless books, and watched countless videos during that period also, you damn near have to literally be a super human to really apply that shit as it is meant to be applied, and you would be better off learning boxing and judo, coupled with serious strength and stamina training if you want to kick peoples ass as a non super human.

No offense but this is what I mean by people don’t have a full understanding of what JKD is.

Its not a style in the traditional sense but very much a martial art system not more philosophy (though one could argue it was Bruce Lee’s philosophy) you can spend hours reading books on philosophy (or take a degree like Lee) it won’t help you win a fight, only the hours you put in the gym will (Bruce Lee knew this, partially the reason why he placed such heavy emphasis on body building in order to produce such superior combat ability) .

This is incorrect, all Bruce Lee did was WORK VERY HARD, sure for his size he had long arms, but he also had one leg longer than the other, and he was short sighted. JKD is based on human biomechanics & kinesiology with the expection of genetical advantages this is the same in everyone. So what worked for Bruce can very much work for you, provide you are will to put in the years of progressive training he did.

Your analogy of what a wrestler would do is JKD Concepts, Bruce Lee did not create this, this was Dan Inosanto’s brand of JKD.


edit: once again im sorry for not reviewing the rules of posting forum… i didn’t know that there couldn’t be a vs forum like that :frowning: