[Winkawaks] problem playing kof2k2 with a ps2 stick

Dear Shoryuken,

I’m having a hard time playing kof2k2 on Winkawaks with a stick. Executing simple move (2xqcf is the worst) is a real pain the ass . I don’t have ANY problem at all on KoF2k2UM, 98UM and XI on PS2 though. It seems like the input recognition is uber strict or something. Sometimes when walking forward I mash SK and it doesn’t want to come out and doing a quick low jump is hard. I don’t think my converter is the problem cause I don’t really have a problem playing SF4. I have a HRAP2SA and my converter is a Nexxtech Sector 7.

Maybe like I said the input recognition is unforgivable, if so I’d like to hear your experience about this.

Thanks Shoryuken.

I forgot to add that it seems I HAVE to stay in the last position of a move to have it registered. For exemple for a qcb, hcf I need to input Forward longer than usual.

I assume your using a PS2-> USB adapter.

I have one and I found that it lags really badly. I tried to use it with a NeoPad 2 (Neo Geo style pad made for special release of KOF for PS2 in Japan) and I couldn’t pull off crap with it. On the PS2 it works flawlessly.

I don’t remember where but I know there is a good review of PS2->USB converters and a lot of them lag badly.

That said, I have used my custom USB sticks I built using toodles cthulhu boards through winkawaks and still found it to feel laggy and a bit awkward. I was having a really hard time pulling off a lot of moves.

I think its a combination of a possibly laggy USB->PS2 converter and the fact that Winkawaks has some issue with input lag/recognition.

Bummer really as its my go to emulator for a lot of games and I really like it (Monitor Dot Matrix filter…mmmmmmm)

Best one on the market IIRC is the Inpin, a Korean made PS2->PS3/USB converter. You can get those at etokki.com, and the site’s run by SRK’s laugh, who has a solid reputation on here for selling this stuff.

Also, have you tried using this combination with another emulator, like Final Burn Alpha? If so, does it lag on there?

It may simply be Winkawaks and not the stick/converter.

Missing Person, you definately deserve a truck load of cookies. This was bugging me for nearly 2 years and NOW I can FINALLY play kof2k2 on emulator with my stick!!!11!!1!

I tried FB Alpha and it works perfectly (still I think the input recognition is bit less friendly than XI, 98UM and 2k2UM) ! I’m using Winkawaks for years and switching for another emulator will be hard. Finchypoo you should give it a try to confirm my statement. :slight_smile:

EDIT: nevermind.

I’ve really enjoyed Kawaks for the last 3 or so years but lately the newst editions seem sloppy. I also notice some input issues when I use the emulator. I recommend that you change your emulator and see if that helps. Test out your converter as well.

Well everything works great with FB Alpha like I said in my previous post!

Do you guys know a way to make a shortcut to play directly a rom without loading it manually?