Winnetka Fun Zone(So Cal): GGXX #Reload 4/29 results


Round Robin (8 players)

  1. Saif Ebrahim “ID” (Sol) 7-0
  2. *Romel Shaheed “Chaotic Blue” (Jam) 5-2, lost to Combofiend and ID
  3. *Jason Gong (Ky) 5-2, lost to C. Blue and ID
  4. *Peter Rosas “Combofiend” (Bridget) 5-2, lost to ID and Jason Gong
  5. Derek Dyrenforth “ShinATproof” (Baiken) 3-4
  6. Osvaldo Rios “Def” (Eddie) 2-5
  7. Preda Jittanoon (Anji) 1-6
  8. Mikei Xse (Slayer) 0-7

A lot of games today during the round robin. Thanks to everyone for coming out and hope everyone had a good time. Congrats to the winners, and i’ll keep everyone posted on future tournaments.

*There was a 3-way tie for 2nd, so all 3 players in the tie, had another round robin. But in this round robin, each round in a match, that you won/lost counted in/against your favor. Each match-up consisted of one game. In the 3-man Round Robin, Chaotic Blue beat Jason Gong (rounds 2-0), Jason Gong beat Combofiend (rounds 2-0) and Combofiend beat Chaotic Blue (rounds 2-1).

So, with another 3-way tie, we counted the rounds each player won and lost. C. Blue won 3 rounds and lost 2. Jason Gong won 2 rounds and lost 2. Combofiend won 2 rounds and lost 3.

C. Blue +1 round
Jason Gong even
Combofiend -1 round


this place still have guilty gear isuka?


does it matter? you are a MVC2 celebrity…


Nah, Isuka isn’t there anymore. I believe it was a beta. But, The Rumblefish beta is there right now. A lot of the people there last night were playing it like mad, but it’ll be going back to its rightful owner soon though. I’ll be asking John Bailon what happened to GG Isuka, a lot of people have asked me about it.


Very fun tournament…then again ANY Guilty Gear gathering is awesome. It was great seeing some familliar faces. #Reload Baiken is still a bit alien to me but I hope in the next tournament that won’t be the case. Good stuff, thanks.

Oh yeah…that Isuka was a Beta…some characters didn’t even have their specials or supers.
Rumblefish is pretty damn cool…glad to see that people liked it.
Heh Rumblefish tournaments…


I’m sorry that I didn’t make it this tourney…I will definatly make the next one. They have Rumblefish there :)…I’m gonna have to check it out one of these days. Alright see you guys at the next tourney gathering. Later.