Winning and Losing

I know no one likes to lose, but does anyone else ever think it gets to a point where its just gone beyond the game and into something more personal.

As an example, I live in a city that has a very small group of people who play at a competitive level, and because Ive complety dominated the scene to the point where its just straight out rape…im usually branded with the typical insults most scrubs hurl towards good players such as not having a life or having to much time on my hands. I mean how it is my fault that I just for whatever reason, happen to have a good handle of how the game works and play. I always hate how whenever anyone is good at anything the meditate conclusion by the loser is well this guy must have no social life" and well I dont spend 20+ hours a day training or I have real priorities because I actually have a life".

Every person I play against here who initially was nice just end up being a complete asshole because I kicked there ass…its almost like I should feel guilty for being good or something. Its not my fault I can react faster and think more ahead…but then again no one ever wants to be respectful and just acknowledge the better player and say “hey I lost to the better fighter” without some sort of additional commentary afterwards…it pisses the hell outta me cause im not a bad guy or anything so I dont know what is with all the hate. I admit i get a little cocky at times but i do it all in good fun and in a friendly sense. I guess basically my question is how do u handle the personal attacks and insults whenever u win over someone else.

I’ve only had that happen to me with online gaming, e.g kaillera, but in real life at the arcade ive never had anyone insult me befor if they have lost to me, i guess you just have a lot of bad sports in your area :frowning:

if people get so angry losing, they shouldn’t be playing video games.

Yeah, bascially i think everyone here is just probably the worst sports ever.

people play games because it’s fun. their decisions to get their panties up in a bunch and make themselves look like a total idiot is their choice.

I always say “you’re a loser. Why would I care what you say?” And then whenever they say something just say “loser” right when they’re speaking. It’ll piss them off bad.

Eh, it all depends, some people play for competition, some people play for shits and giggles. For the latter, playing someone a whole lot better than them isn’t fun, since they aren’t there for the competitive aspect, they don’t care about getting better, or playing in tourneys, they just get together with friends and mess around.

Sometimes your just playing people with a different goal than you have when you play.

Really I’d say just ignore it, if they are still playing you then it’s cool. If they were refusing to play you, that’d be a different story, they could just be frustrated with losing all the time.

well…who like to lose all the time =/ It would piss me off to.

It amazes me how people label people who are really good at video games as anti-social. I mean it’s not like you have to be playing 24/7 to maintain your competitive level at a game. I don’t play video games for long periods of time but when I start playing again after a long time, the moves, skills, timing and combos come back. Maybe it may take a few rounds or it may happen right away but after a few minutes you’ll be like Oh yeah that’s how it’s done and your rockin’ once again.

I know EXACTLY what you mean.

back when 3s was just taking off in my town. I raped the competition of the local internet cafe (or any other game of any genre). I’m not anti-social and I dont look like a geek/nerd at all. Doesnt matter what character I was using or even if I was owning in Counter-Strike. I would always hear. You play this game too much blah blah blah. Chun li SA2 is the only time you’ll ever see a girl spreading her legs and shit like that. All just because I get perfects left and right with any character or get headshots left in right at counter-strike… I always say… So I got time for hobbies. I feel sorry for you then Mr. Important. Why dont you go back to the white house instead of always being at this internet cafe whenever I seldomely stop by (maybe once or twice a week compared to them being there all day every day). It’s like they’re hiding their lameness by directing it towards someone else. It’s not my fault I spend half the time with these games as you, but somehow have 100x the skill/brains. Yeah I love video games, but you’re not cool just because you suck at them and use your job flipping burgers and bagging groceries as an excuse for failure.

And the other half of people there are the kind of people who complain about throws and stuff like that, but I’d much rather play those guys than all the mr. “I just got promoted to bathroom duty and I picked up some random (not hot) chick who owns me now so I dont have time like you to have skill in anything”. It;s all just excuses, jealousy and haterism.

If a person constantly loses at anything, we’re not just talking games here, they’ll eventually give up. Some people sooner than others, but eventually, everyone will give up. As you lose/fail more and more, it becomes more overbearing and there’s a feeling of hopelessness that begins manifesting itself. After awhile, some people will just say “fuck it”, “why bother”, “I fucking suck at this shit why am I wasting my time”, and so on.

I would recommend for any players who are frusterated with their competition (ie: 100% lose rate) to find competition more on their level and try to improve from there.

No one learns anything from getting horribly ass raped.

my brother does that to me whenever i kick his ass >> accuses me of having no life and practicing all day…

psh if i practiced all day i wouldnt suck so bad in tournies XD

this is a conclusion that i’ve come to when it comes to this topic.

“There is nothing wrong in losing 100 times, but there is something wrong in losing 100 times and not learning anything”

so for me, if i loses alot, then it doesn’t matter as long as i’ve learned why, and how to improve. This what i think everytime i play, HOW TO GET BETTER.

Imo Negative Emotions will only slow down a players progress in getting better.

How can you hope to get better when you can’t even think straight.

is this really the norm? I’ve lost to certain people 10-15 times in a row at the arcade and I won’t stop playing them until I beat them. Eventually you will start to see patterns more clearly, and know how to deal with your opponent. I guess it all depends on how focused you are, and how much losing constantly bothers you.

I’m referring to situations where one player is so much better than another that there’s almost no chance the worse player will win. If you kept playing and you eventually won, that isn’t really the case.

I’ve been in the same situations, where there was definitely a chance to win, and I eventually prevailed. I’ve also been in situations where it felt like there was no snowball’s chance in hell I was going to win. In such situations, I tried my hardest, ate the horrendous loss record and moved on, having learned nothing. But from my experience, I’ve grown most playing someone at either the same or somewhat better level. Both players improve at the same time in this scenario.

Im like that too. I wont stop playing you until I beat you or I run out of money. Its usually the latter tho,

lol exactly i forgot to mention the money thing as that did happen to me recently

Hey, well I know my limits. Usually when I lose, I come out saying, “Alright, here’s where I fucked up”, and try that shit again. If I change my gameplay, and still lose even continuously doing so, I know it’s hopeless. Some players are just able to adapt and mind fuck their opponents consistently. It really depends.

I know how you feel man. At first it bothered me but then I realized something. Most people who make these comments suck absolute ass. They feel that the only thing they can do to justify the severe beatdown they receive is to make personal attacks. I just say fuck em. The majority of people who lash out like out that when they get beat have no understanding of the game or skill and expect to beat someone who does. Usually when someone says something, I start talking shit and rubbin the rape I gave them to their face. People like that are similar to ants. When you step on one you don’t give a damn, you just move on.

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