Winning Eleven Thread - aka Virtual Strike, FIFA, etc thread

Who here plays Winning Eleven, I’ve been playing it for a while and it is good. Just that I am waiting for the ‘true next gen’ Winning Eleven that is completely renovated to take advantage of PS3’s capabilities. I heard that the guy in charge was thinking of ways of implementing the PS3 controller’s movement sensing into the gameplay.
Anyone have any idea when the TRUE NEW GEN version will come out?
Not just another upgraded PS2 style Winning Eleven.

I’m a Winning Eleven fan myself, and I am kind of disappointed in the newest one. The gameplay is still cool and all, but it’s hard to ignore what they’ve done to the keepers. I had a keeper save one of my penalties down to one corner, only for the ball to roll into the other corner of the net! They also should have kept with the points for unlockables rather than the tedious " Win the World Cup with these 7 teams" .

I’ve been playing this series since ps1 versions. PES 2008 sucked. The last good game was PES 5/WE9, the best was PES3 or arguably 4. Hopefully konami stop being lazy and actually make an attempt next year :bluu: